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"Hercules and the Big Lie" is an episode of Hercules: The Animated Series. It aired on December 16, 1998.


Hercules is embarrassed when Icarus invites him to the Miklos convention, a comic fan gathering, in front of Andromeda (Kath Soucie), a new girl he is interested in. Cassandra advises him to lie, demonstrating with Phil; Hercules is unable to, until he wins a ticket at the convention to get his picture taken with Miklos. Embarrassed, he lies that he has Catastrophia, a disease that Hades has ordered Pain and Panic to spread. Cassandra has two visions: that Icarus will find the cure in the land of Briares (Reggie Miller), the Hundred Handed One, and that he will be crushed. When Hercules learns that his friend has gone after the cure, he follows and finds Briares, who has an offer- play his game, and he'll free Icarus. Despite winning, Hercules and Icarus aren't let go until Icarus finds out that Briares is a Miklos fan. Hercules apologizes for lying, and gives his ticket to Briares. Andromeda, having heard of his bravery, asks him on a date.


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