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Herbie, the Love Bug, also known as Herbie the Matchmaker, is a short-lived TV series that aired in 1982. The series is based on Walt Disney Productions popular Herbie film series, about a Volkswagen Beetle with a mind of its own.

It was cancelled after five episodes and for the next fifteen years would mark Herbie's last new appearance in either television or film; Herbie would next return to television in the 1997 film The Love Bug.


Jim Douglas and Herbie have retired from racing and now works as instructors at a driving school. They stumble upon a bank robbery in progress. They manage to thwart the crime and rescue a young divorcée named Susan MacLane, who works at the bank and is a mother of three: Julie, Robbie, and Matthew. Jim and Susan soon begin to fall in love, much to the consternation of her ex-boyfriend Randy Bigelow. Randy's attempts to break them up are in vain; Jim and Susan get married in the forth episode.


Only five episodes were produced for the show and lasted for only two months until the show was cancelled on April 14, 1982.

# Title Airdate Summaries
01 "Herbie the Matchmaker" March 17, 1982 Jim Douglas has pulled his famous racing car off the track, where is he now? teaching a driving school with major help from Herbie! Herbie and Jim Get involved in stopping a bank robbery and rescuing the beautiful teller Susan from her hostage situation. As gratitude she signs her daughter up for driving lessons. Jim falls head over heals for Susan only to find out she is temporarily engaged to a Mr. Randy Bigelow.
02 "Herbie to the Rescue" March 24, 1982 Susan leaves Bigelow at the alter only to land Jim into a hostile situation as Randy Bigelow decides Jim needs to be eliminated from the picture. His first idea is to get the bank to loan Jim money to save his driving school, his plan: force him out of business.
03 "My House Is Your House" March 31, 1982 Jim and Susan plan to tie the knot, he assures her that his racing days are over but after another race car driver taunts him into doing one more race, Susan has second thoughts!
04 "Herbie, the Best Man" April 7, 1982 Randy bigelow, still persistent to stop Jim and Susan's wedding hires a private detective to scoop up something awful on Jim that will change Susan's mind! When it fails he sends Herbie to an auto crusher unless Jim can save him and get to the his wedding on time.
05 "Calling Doctor Herbie" April 14, 1982 Jim and Susan decide they need a bigger family car. They leave Herbie at the car lot while they take the new one for a spin. Herbie has a temper tantrum and destroys all the cars in the lot. Jim unable to pay for the damages, reluctantly has to leave Herbie impounded until he can raise the cash. Meanwhile Robbie becomes Hospitalized and Herbie escapes from the impound in order to see him.


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