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“Her Chance to Dream”
Season 1, Episode 18
Her Chance to Dream title card
Air date: September 25, 1990
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"Bearly Alive"
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"All's Whale That Ends Whale"
"Her Chance to Dream" is the eighteenth episode of TaleSpin.


When a debonair ghost ship captain named William Stansbury sweeps Rebecca off her feet, she enjoys what she thinks is a dream. When Baloo and Louie decide to exorcise the ghost, Rebecca is forced to choose between her dream and her daughter.

Home video release


  • TaleSpin: Jackpots and Crackpots


  • TaleSpin: Jackpots and Crackpots/Fearless Flyers


  • TaleSpin: Volume 1
  • TaleSpin: First Collection (Foreign release)

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