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"Help Wanted: Kids" is an episode of The Disney Sunday Movie. It originally aired on ABC on February 2, 1986.


When the Burkes lose their jobs in New York, they have to move to Arizona, where Tom has an job-offer in the management of a small company for children's clothing. Unfortunately Tom's new boss Sirus Lovelin turns out to be extremely fond of the traditional American family and automatically assumes Amanda to be housewife and mother - but the Burkes don't even have children! To not offend him, they "hire" two kids they met prowling the streets. When they turn out witty, but nasty and impertinent, the Burkes want to rid themselves of them, but are entangled already too deeply in their lie...


  • Cindy Williams ... Lisa Burke
  • Bill Hudson ... Tom Burke
  • Chad Allen ... Coop
  • Hillary Wolf ... Mickey
  • John Dehner ... Cyrus
  • Joel Brooks ... Lee
  • Miriam Flynn ... Helen
  • Billie Bird ... Bea
  • Carol Morley ... Matty
  • Ebbe Roe Smith ... Jesse
  • Cecily Thompson ... Missy
  • Joseph Chapman ... Kaiser
  • Kenneth Kimmins ... Principal
  • Hap Lawrence ... Western Union Man
  • Toni Attell ... Welfare Worker
  • Arlene Banas ... Lady with Clipboard
  • Bever-Leigh Banfield ... Berri
  • Owen Bush ... Attendant
  • Jack Galvin Clark ... Man
  • Kellie Martin ... Linda
  • Rick Overton ... Photographer
  • Dorothy Patterson ... Woman Passenger
  • Nicky Rose ... Little Girl
  • Kathy Wagner ... Tammy
  • Joan Welles ... Receptionist
  • Fred D. Scott ... Elderly Man
  • George Fisher ... Bus Driver
  • Dion Zamora ... Arnold