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Heihei is a character in the upcoming 2016 Disney animated feature film, Moana. He is a rooster that unintentionally joins Moana and Maui on their journey across the ocean.


Official description

Heihei is one dumb rooster—the village idiot, in fact. When the clueless chicken accidentally stows away on Moana’s canoe, he lands a front-row seat for her epic journey."[2]


The character of Heihei was present in the earliest versions of the story, though with an entirely different personality. Originally, Heihei was assigned to join Moana's journey as an antagonistic watchdog, by orders of Chief Tui. He was portrayed as aggressive, proud, and judgmental, with most of his attempted comedy coming from these negative traits. The filmmakers felt this version of the character didn't work for the shifting story. Major discussion of scrapping Heihei's character from the film, entirely, had begun. Four months before animation of the film was to begin, John Lasseter assembled the team to decide the fate of Heihei.

One of the film's key story artists, David Derrick, had gotten sick and would be out of commission for two days. The filmmakers took this time to put focus into reworking Heihei's character to preserve his place in the movie. The result was a drastic change of Heihei's character, turning him into what co-director Ron Clements believes "might be the stupidest character in the history of Disney Animation". With Heihei as a semi-mindless animal, unaware of his surroundings, thus leading to varying situations (most of which are comical), he became a complication to Moana's journey, which in turn, furthered the story. An example of Heihei's new role was storyboarded and presented to John Lasseter, who enthusiastically exclaimed, "Yes, Heihei has been saved! He’s in the movie!".[3]


  • Heihei's original portrayal appears in early promotional material for the film.
  • Heihei is Alan Tudyk's fifth consecutive voice role in the Disney Animated Canon.
  • Tudyk refers to Heihei as one of his most enjoyable roles to date.[1]
  • Heihei's name is sometimes formed as Hei Hei.
  • The filmmaking team ironically celebrated Heihei's stay in the movie with fried chicken.[3]


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