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Hedbanz is a family guessing game produced by Spin Master Games. They have released a Disney version of the game.


"Disney Hedbanz – the game that’s all about using your head! Discover the quick question game of “What am I?” featuring all your favorite Disney characters. Ask questions to figure out if the cartoon on your head is a person or an object from one of your favorite Disney movies. Be the first player to guess what you are and win! Disney Hedbanz – where everybody knows but you!"


  • 6 Mickey Ears Headbands
  • 24 Mickey Chips
  • 1 Sand Timer
  • 72 Cards, Instructions

More Info

  • Category: Family
  • Players: 2-6
  • Age: 7+

​Character and Object Cards

Mickey- Mouse

Minnie- Mouse

Goofy- Dog

Donald- Duck

Daisy- Duck

Pluto- Dog

Chip and Dale- Chipmunks

Snow White- Princess

Dopey- Dwarf


Grumpy- Dwarf


Jiminy Cricket- Cricket

Dumbo- Elephant

Bambi- Deer

Cinderella- Princess

Fairy Godmother- Fairy Godmother

Jaq and Gus- Mice

Drizella and Anastasia- Stepsisters

Alice- Girl

Cheshire Cat- Cat

The Mad Hatter- Hatter

Queen of Hearts- Queen

Peter Pan- Boy

Tinker Bell- Fairy

Silvermist- Fairy

Captain Hook- Pirate

Aurora- Princess

Prince Phillip- Prince

Fairy Godmothers- Fairies

Maleficent- Fairy

Lucky- Puppy

Cruella de Vil- Villain

Winnie the Pooh- Bear

Piglet- Pig


Eeyore- Donkey

Mowgli- Boy

Baloo- Bear

Ariel- Mermaid

Flounder- Fish

Sebastian- Crab

Prince Eric- Prince

King Triton- King

Ursula- Witch

Belle- Princess

Beast- Beast

Lumiere- Candlestick

Cogworth- Clock

Mrs. Potts- Teapot

Chip- Cup of Tea



Abu- Monkey

Simba- Lion

Pumbaa- Warthog

Rafiki- Monkey

Scar- Lion

Mufasa- Lion

Lilo- Girl

Stitch- Alien

Bolt- Dog

Tiana- Princess

Prince Naveen- Frog

Rapunzel- Princess

Flynn Rider- Hero

Pascal- Chameleon

Elsa- Queen

Anna- Princess

Olaf- Snowman


Hiro- Boy

Baymax- Robot

Woody- Sheriff

Buzz Lightyear- Space Ranger

Jessie- Cowgirl

Aliens- Toys

Hamm- Pig

Rex- Dinosaur


Bullseye- Horse

Mr. Potato Head- Father

Slinky- Dog


Sulley- Monster

Mike Wazowski- Monster

Boo- Little Girl




Mr. Incredible- Hero

Elastigirl- Heroine

Lightning McQueen- Car


Francesco Bernoulli- Car

Dusty- Plane

Remy- Rat


WALL-E- Robot


Doc McStuffins-Doctor

Princess Sofia- Princess

Poison Apple- Apple

Glass Slipper- Shoe

Princess Carriage- Carriage

Enchanted Rose-Rose

Magic Lamp- Lamp

Piston Cup- Trophy