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The Heart of Te Fiti is an ancient gem located in the South Pacific, featured in the Disney animated feature film, Moana.


At the beginning of time, the world was covered entirely by ocean and nothing more. The Heart of Te Fiti allowed the creation of life and multiple islands, that would make up the homes of the world's first great navigators in the South Pacific. At one point, the gem's resting place was infiltrated by the mischievous demigod Maui, who—like others—sought ownership of the heart for his own purposes. After escaping the heart's island, however, Maui was attacked and engages in battle against the lava demon Te Kā. In the scuffle, the Heart of Te Fiti is lost and remains as such for centuries. According to legend, if the Heart of Te Fiti is not returned to its rightful place, the world will slowly deteriorate and be destroyed.

Thousands of years after the battle between Maui and Te Kā, the Heart of Te Fiti is found and bestowed upon a young teenager named Moana who thus makes it her mission to return the heart and save the world.[1]



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