Hayley Needs a Hobby is the 10th episode of season 4 of As the Bell Rings (Australia)


Hayley is bored during lunchtime. She tries new hobbies every few minutes, including being an assistant to Sam. She tries to put Tina on detention, then starts talking about her new shoes with her as they walk off. She decides not to be a fashion queen like Amber (Alicia Banit). She asks for a sign of what her hobby should be and the light shines in a canvas and some paints. She goes over and starts painting. She draws Amber, and after se's finished she shows it too her. It looks like Amber is kissing the air, but she still loves it. Then Marcus's wants to get painted. Hayley tells him to get into a position, and poses so it looks like HE'S kissing the air. Hayley asks what he's doing and he replies "I was thinking you could paint me there" pointing to the spot on the canvas next to Amber "So that it would look like we're kissing". Hayley stares blankly at him and eventually says "Ok, but it's gonna cost you extra".

Main Student(s) and guest stars

Hayley (Nicole Gulasikhalem)

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