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The Hassansins are a group of feared Persian warriors from Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. They once served the kings of Persia until King Sharaman ordered them disbanded. Hassansins fight with no remorse, each one able to cause maximum damage by wielding ferocious weapons.


The order of Hassansins were to be disolved by the king, but they were kept together and hidden by Nizam, who hired the group down Dastan and steal the Dagger of Time from him.


  • Hassansin Leader: He is portrayed by Gísli Örn Garðarsson.
  • Hassansin Porcupine: He is portrayed by Claudio Pacifico.
  • Hassansin Whip Man: He is portrayed by Thomas DuPont.
  • Hassansin Giant Scimitar: He is portrayed by Dave Pope.
  • Hassansin Double-Bladed Halberd: He is portrayed by Domonkos Pardanyi.
  • Hassansin Long Razor: He is portrayed by Massimiliano Ubaldi.
  • Hassansin Grenade Man: He is portrayed by Vladimir Furdick.



  • The word "Hassassin", would later be more commonly be known as Assassin.

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