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Harry Wentz is Ivy's dad and Mary Lou's husband. Not that much is known about him except he has wished to be a weatherman someday but instead became a plumbing supplies salesman, however, it is implied that he runs a successful plumbing supplies business, do to the visage of the Wentz household. He plays piano and is shown to be as "dull" and boring as his wife. He also shows great love for a car named "Gracie" which Teddy smashes up in "Amazing Gracie." After Teddy accidentally "killed" Gracie, Harry doesn't seem to like her. In "Teddy on Ice," Teddy accidentally drops Harry's fishing pole into the icy water while ice fishing with the Wentzs', and Harry's dislike of Teddy gets worse. Later, after Teddy falls into the water and happens to catch a fish that has the fishing pole in the in its mouth, Harry reconciles with Teddy, and much to Teddy's horror, tells her that she can come next year. He seems to like "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" because when Teddy asked if it had an ending he replied," If it does, then we have never found it."


  • Gabe's 12-½ Birthday (first appearance)
  • Amazing Gracie
  • Teddy on Ice



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