Harley Diaz is the protagonist of the live-action series, Stuck in the Middle. She is the middle child of the Diaz family and wants to prove herself to her family in their everyday lives with what she does. She also has a talent for inventing machines.


  • She is the middle child of 7 kids.
  • She shares a room with Rachel and Georgie.
  • Her BFTF (Best Friend In The Family) is Ethan.
  • Her best friend is Ellie.
  • She is the best scarer on Halloween.
  • Her and her mom got fired from helping at a nursing home.
  • She pooped her diaper when she was 2 in an old Bait and Bite commercial.
  • Her "secret spot" was the attic, until her parents found out.
  • Her new stuff usually gets ruined soon after she gets it.