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Harald Mæle (Born April 14, 1944 in Snåsa) is a Norwegian voice actor, dubber, and translator, known for being the voice actor behind characters from numerous animative movies, most of which includes Disney-movies.


Harald originally started his career as an actor as a channel host, working for the norwegian broadcoasting systems (NRK), later gaining fame in norweian comedy shows both on TV as well as on the radio. Over the course of the assuming years, Harald also provided the voice acting for numerous Norwegian dubbing of Disney movies, starting with the voice of Stromboli from Pinocchio, and the most recent Disney voice acting as a background character in Brave. In addition to Disney Movies, Harald has also voice acted for movies such as The Lego Movie, Boog and Elliot, and Ben 10.

Disney movies in which Harald voice acts

  • Pinocchio: Stromboli
  • Dumbo: The Narrator, Mr. Stork, and the director of the circus, as well as background characters.
  • All Winnie The Pooh Movies: The Narrator.

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