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Happy Birthday and Songs for Every Holiday is a 1964 Disneyland Records album featuring songs about birthday parties and other holidays.

Track listings

Side 1

  1. Holidays - Mouseketeer Ensemble
  2. Valentine Waltz - Darlene
  3. St. Patrick's Day - Mouseketeer Ensemble
  4. April Fool - Jimmie Dodd
  5. It's Easter Time - Mouseketeer Ensemble
  6. Your Mother and Mine - Jimmie Dodd
  7. My Pa - Darlene

Side 2

  1. Happy Birthday - Mouseketeer Ensemble
  2. Liberty Tree - Vocal Chorus
  3. Trick or Treat - Karen & Cubby
  4. How Lucky We Are - Mouseketeer Ensemble
  5. Kris Kringle - Jiminy Cricket
  6. Happy New Year - Mouseketeer Ensemble


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