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I wish for time alone with Phineas.

Isabella, making a wish

Phineas and the gang celebrate Isabella's birthday in a big way, but all she really wants is some quiet time with Phineas. Meanwhile, Doofenshmirtz has installed his Bugs Me-Inator onto an evil bug bus and is driving around Danville turning all the things that bug him literally into bugs.

Episode Summary

Candace and Stacy are gathering snacks for their viewing of a horror movie, The Grievance. Stacy leaves when Candace becomes more focused on what Phineas and Ferb are doing, which is planning a surprise for Isabella's birthday. After Perry the Platypus enters his base, Francis 'Major" Monogram informs him of Doofenshmirtz's latest scheme. Doofenshmirtz has been seen driving around in a large truck equipped with a machine that turns objects into bugs. Perry leaves to stop him. Back in the backyard, everybody continues planning for Isabella's party, just as she walks in and greets Phineas. He doesn't want her to see what is planned, so he has Buford take her away, which he does by putting her in a burlap sack. After he leaves, she states (and sings) that all she wants for her birthday is some alone time with Phineas.

Across town, Perry catches up with Doofenshmirtz on his "Bug Bus" but can't get to him due to his "Platypus-proof" bubble around him. He then explains to Perry about some things that bug him, such as portable outhouses and high voltage signs. Due to these aggravations, he created the "Bugs Me-inator". He explains that since he can't stand bugs, he made the bubble. Perry tricks him out of the bubble by showing him that a bug is in there with him. After Doof opens the bubble, Perry punches him, sending Doof swirling around. Doof then tries zapping Perry with his inator, but misses and hits his shoe. He then chases Perry around the top of the bus. He lunges at Perry, misses, and swirls around the bubble again. With no one at the wheel, the bus careens wildly around the town. The Bus eventually crashes into Stacy's house, where she was watching the movie. Scared from both the movie and the crash, Stacy notices Perry, and asks why he is wearing a hat.

In Isabella's yard, the birthday celebration continues with the unveiling of a freakishly large red velvet cake, "with a special surprise". Isabella climbs up to the top of the cake, and makes her wish to spend time alone with Phineas. She blows out the candles, which shoots confetti fireworks into the air. Holly notices Candace waiting anxiously on her phone, and wonders what she is doing. Phineas asks if she got her wish, but Buford interjects, sarcastically saying that it was her wish to have her entire yard littered with confetti. Candace tells her that when things dangerous she will call Mom to bust Phineas and Ferb. Holly questions why she didn't call about the confetti, but Candace assures her that it will get worse.

At Stacy's house, she wonders what is going on, and Doofenshmirtz explains to Stacy the basics of their routine. Perry tackles Doofenshmirtz, where Doof notices the cover of The Grievance on the floor. He says he saw it in the theater, and that he still has nightmares about the "greasy little girl who comes out of the basement". Stacy interrupts him, not wanting to know how it ends.

Next in the birthday celebration is a giant piñata which then splits into many smaller piñatas. After the piñatas are done, Phineas initiates the grand finale. The finale is unseen as Candace calls Linda to tell her to come across the street. As the guests awe at the "grand and glorious and potentially bustable gift", Candace runs across the street to grab Linda and take her to Isabella's house.

As Stacy tries to tell Perry and Doofenshmirtz to stop, she falls into the oil that was leaking onto the floor. She stands up, with oiled hair blocking her face. Doofenshmirtz sees Stacy and believes she is the "greasy little girl from of the basement" and flees in terror. As she asks Perry if the Flynn-Fletchers know about him fighting Doofenshmirtz, she steps on the Bugs Me-inator's trigger button. After if fires a beam, Perry destroys the inator. The beam bounces off of a satellite, reflecting it back to Earth. The beam comes into Isabella's backyard, where it turns the gift into a large amout of butterflies. Isabella is amazed, but Phineas and Ferb are confused as to what happened. Candace comes in and sees the gift is gone, now with butterflies in its place.

Major Monogram, Carl Karl, and several other people pull in front of Stacy's house, disguised as people from Danville Water and Power. Perry takes Stacy outside, and hands her the pamphlet explaining about host families and memory erasure. Not wanting to have Candace or the boys lose Perry, and also not wanting her memory erased due to not wanting to watch the movie again, Stacy exploits a technicality, saying that she is not part of his host family. She asks if it can be their secret. Perry thinks about it, then smiles and tips his fedora, agreeing with Stacy's wishes. To enforce this, Perry has Stacy lie to Monogram about not being home, which he buys. Perry and Stacy give each other a thumb's up.

All of the guests wish Isabella a happy birthday and leave her with Phineas and Ferb in front of her house. Phineas apologizes for the ruined finale, but Isabella consoles him saying that she loved the butterfiles. To make it up to her, Phineas offers that if he and Ferb can take her out for some ice cream. As she was about to answer, Ferb lies that he has something that he needs to do, and that they should go. Phineas agrees, and Isabella fist bumps Ferb, thanking him for finally giving her some alone time with Phineas. At the ice cream shop, Phineas again asks if she got her wish, but then remembers the confetti and streamers, actually believeing Buford's comment. As he leaves the table to get more napkins, she watches endearingly, rests her head on her hands and silently says "And butterflies. You always give me butterflies...".


End Credits

Sometime later, Candace and Stacy are spying on the kids. Candace sees Phineas saying "Where's Perry?" and asks Stacy where she thinks the platypus went. Stacy quickly and nervously responds that she doesn't know anything about where Perry goes every day. Candace agrees, wondering why she asked Stacy in the first place; in her mind, Stacy is glad that no one suspects anything.

Running Gags

I know what we're gonna do today


What'cha doin'?

Isabella: Hi, Phineas. What'cha doin'? You're not planning something for my birthday, are you?

Phineas: Don't look, don't look, don't look! Nothing to see here.
Isabella: Phineas. But I only really want for my birthday is-

Phineas: Don't ruin the surprise. (Nervously laughs) Buford, get her out of here.

Ferb's Line

Ferb: I...just...remembered there's...something I need to do. You two go.

Hey, where's Perry?

Phineas: Building supplies? Check. Guest list? Check. Perry? (looks around) Hey, where's Perry?
Stacy: Yeah, where does that platypus go everyday?
Candace: Ah, look at them out there. What are they up to? Ah, it looks like Phineas is saying, "Where's... Perry?" Huh. Where do you think Perry goes every day, Stace?

Stacy: (rapidly) How do I know? Why are you asking me? How should I know? Uh, don't look at me!
Candace: (after a pause) Eh, I don't know why I was asking you.

Stacy: (in her head) Whoof! No one suspects a thing.

Perry's entrance to his lair


Mistaking Doofenshmirtz for a pharmacist

Stacy: OMG! Perry! What are you doing here?! And why are you wearing a hat? Look out! (Doofenshmirtz flies onto the couch) And who's this pharmacist?

Doofenshmirtz: Really? Really? W-why does everyone just stampede that conclusion? Other people wear lab coats you know. Why, why don't you say, "Oh look a rocket scientist." Or a veterinarian?
Stacy: Are you a veterinarian?

Doofenshmirtz: No... But that's not the point.

Memaroble Quotes

Buford: (carrying Isabella in bag and letting her out) I've carried a lot of squirmin' bags in my time, but this is the first time I knew who was in it. (walks off)

Isabella: Augh! What I was going to say was all I want for my birthday is some alone time with---(motions to Phineas) Never mind. (walks out)

Baljeet: You wanted to be alone with this bag?
Stacy: Wait a minute! It says right here in your silly little pamphlet that if your host family finds out about your agent status, then anyone who's seen you has to have their memory erased, or you'll get relocated. Perry, I'm not part of your host family! I know, I know, it's a technicality. Look, I don't want Candace and the boys to lose you, but I also do not want my mind erased. I'm on the last ten minutes of that Grievance movie, and I don't want to have to watch that whole scary mess again. So, uh, can we just keep this a secret?
(Perry smiles and tips his hat to Stacy)
Phineas: I still can't figure out what went wrong with the grand finale. After the laser light show and the fireballs, the swans should have been released and-

Isabella: Phineas, I really liked the butterflies, thank you.
Phineas: Well to make it up to you, It's kinda lame but maybe and I could, I don't know take you out for ice-cream or something?
Ferb : Uh- I just remembered there's something I need to do. You two go.
Isabella: Uh-
Phineas: Is that cool?

Isabella: Yes, very cool. Ferb. (Fist punches ferb)
Phineas: So, did you get what you wished for? Oh yeah, I already asked that. Confetti and streamers! Hold on, gonna get another napkin. (leaves)
Isabella: (to herself) And butterflies. You always give me butterflies...

Background Information

Production Information

  • Héctor Ireta De Alba (Latin American voice of Baljeet) confirmed this episode on YouTube.
  • This episode was aired on Disney Channel on Demand and on Time Warner Cable on July 5, 2013.
  • The title was originally announced as "Isabella's Birthday".
  • An advert for both the paired episodes was released on July 5th.

International Premieres

  • August 16, 2013 (Disney Channel Brazil and Latin America)
  • December 01, 2013 (Disney XD Spain)


  • Isabella was born without eyebrows as revealed in the book Learn to Draw Phineas and Ferb. However, Isabella is drawn with eyebrows throughout the majority of the episode.
  • When Phineas introduce Isabella to her birthday cake, Adyson's headband was colored same as her hair.


  • Ring - The "greasy girl who emerges from the basement" in the film The Grievance, as described by Dr. Doofenshmirtz and accidentally imitated by Stacy, resembles Sadako and her emergence from the television.
  • The Grudge - The title of the film Stacy watches, The Grievance, is a synonym for the title of the 2004 horror film.
  • Give It 2 Me - When Isabella sings "I'll take it" in Alone she is imitating Madonna, because both say the same thing, with the same melody.
  • Slenderman- The way the "grievance girl from the basement" seems to teleport toward the camera and the static as she comes closer hold a likeness to what the player of this videogame series will see right before Slenderman kills them.
  • The Music Box - The classic Laurel and Hardy short is parodied once again with Phineas and Isabella. Only this time, they move a grand piano up the steps instead of an upright piano. (Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension)


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