Mix them all together, and get the Best of Both Worlds
―One of Hannah's lines in her song, 'Best of Both Worlds

Hannah Montana was the lead protagonist of Hannah Montana, and its movie, Hannah Montana: The Movie, as well as a long line of its book series franchise, and video games. She is a famous popstar, who gained to fame at a young age. Her real identity name is Miley Stewart and day by day, she tries to keep her real life a secret. Although, there have been times when her true identity almost came out. She is the best-friend of Lily Truscott and Oliver Oken, the sister to Jackson Stewart and daughter to famous country singer, Robbie Stewart. Other friends include, Maddie Fitzpatrick, Raven Baxter, Cody Martin and Zack Martin.

In the movie, Hannah (Miley), has got to choose between one life, (Texas or Hollywood), and she picks Hollywood. Then, in the Hannah Montana series finale, Wherever I Go, she leaves her glamours life behind to attend college with Lily.

Hannah is portrayed by Miley Cyrus.


Rising to Fame

Hannah Montana first came famous at the age of 11-12[1] and from then she became the super pop-star sensation. She started to enjoy it at first, but then a few months later, paparazzi, kept interfering in her life, resulting to Miley (Hannah's real identity) to keep her real name and life a secret. However, these events would later be cropped up in (HH: Lily Can You Keep A Secret).


Hannah is very glitzy, girly, energetic and nice. She is not one of popstars, who are rude and out of control. However, when she does not get her own way, she does crazy antics, which makes her similar, to Raven Baxter in many ways. She is very stylish, and assessors well.

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