Hannah Montana: The Movie is a video game based on the film of the same name. It was released on April 7, 2009, three days before the film's theatrical release. The game had been leaked onto the internet about a week before the release date.


The player plays as Miley and Hannah and explore Crowley Corners and interact with Miley's circle of family and friends during quests. Players unlock key items for Hannah concerts - like songs and concert venues - as one complete quests. In concert mode, players perform on 6 different stages to 9 Hannah songs (3 from the movie). Players can join band members and jam with them on the drums, keyboard or guitar. It's only possible to perform the songs in concert venues that have already been unlocked in Story Mode. Points are given at performances and when a task is completed and can be used to buy more clothes and accessories.

The Z-Phone is the tool for figuring out quests and navigating the way around Crowley Corners. When someone receives a call, a small icon will flash on screen. It's needed to answer the call while the icon is flashing on screen to get important messages. Keep track of furniture, clothing and achievements that the player unlocks. Displays the game map that is also used to move to different locations in Crowley Corners. Show your mission objectives and take you to the tour bus.

The player will also play various mini-games to earn achievement points or trophies and unlock new game content. Mini-games can be played in story or Quick Play Mode.

  • Horse Riding- Go on a ride with Blue Jeans; jump the obstacles and collect special items on the field to score points and unlock new game features.
  • Milk Jug Topple (called "Bottle Toss" in game)- Toss beanbags to topple milk jugs at the County Fair. Collect points for each jug you topple to the ground.
  • Horse Races- Race your horse down the track or compete with other players by hitting the target with the water in your water pistol.
  • Frog Jump- Earn points by launching rubber frogs onto passing lily pads with your hammer.