Hammerhead is a Marvel Comics character that appeared in Ultimate Spider-Man. He is a gangster from a Spider-Man Noir universe who is at war with another Mob. Hammerhead killed his universe's Mary Jane Watson. He attacked Thunderbolt, A-Bombardier and Mr. Fixit (his universe's versions of Thaddeus Ross, A-Bomb and Hulk) when Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid appeared trying to stop their fighting. Hammerhead got a new Tommy gun was powerful enough that it was doing allot of damage to the city when it was destroyed. A piece of the Siege Perilous fell out and transformed Martin Li into Mister Negative, where he used his new powers to turn Hammerhead into a statue. He would become free at the end and became colourful thanks to Fixit.


Hammerhead's skull is covered in adamantium, which makes it indestructible, and able to crush anything it collides it. He is armed with a wide variety of weapons.



  • While Hammerhead is a mainstream Spider-Man villain, this version is based on the Spider-Man Noir universe. Noir Hammerhead previously appeared in the video game, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.
  • This was one of Jon Polito's last roles before his death.