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Hamm & Eggz are a vaudeville-style comedy team who performed in the former Kitchen Kabaret show at Epcot. They were voiced by Alan Reed and Frank Welker respectively.

In the show, Mr. Hamm and Mr. Eggz performed on top of a stove on the right side of the theater's stage. They told some jokes and sang a few short ditties. At the end of the act, Mr. Hamm got angry at Mr. Eggz because he kept telling corny jokes and decided to split from the duo.

  • Mr. Hamm: "There's plenty of good protein acts for me to work with!"
  • Mr. Eggz: "Oh yeah? Like who?"
  • Mr. Hamm: "Cheese, cheese is a great source of protein!"
  • Mr. Eggz: "Oh, I cheddar to think about it."
  • Mr. Hamm: "Beans, now there's good..."
  • Mr. Eggz: "Beans! Oh nuts to you, hammy!"
  • Mr. Hamm: "That's right, nuts to me! Another excellent source of protein".

There were also running gags in this part of the show. Mr. Eggz's bow tie moved as if he was laughing. At the beginning and end of their act, smoke bellowed around them to protect them from being seen rising into view from underneath the stove and sinking back down out of sight when they finished.

Other appearances

The Astuter Computer Revue and Backstage Magic in CommuniCore featured a guest appearance by Mr. Eggz highlighting how computers control audio-animatronic characters.


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