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Hallie Parker
Background information
Feature films The Parent Trap
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by Lindsay Lohan
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Hal, squirt
Personality Cool, friendly, loving
Birthday October 11, 1986
Occupation Daughter of Nick Parker and Elizabeth James, granddaughter of Charles James, twin sister of Annie James
Alignment Good
Goal To reunite her parents (succeeded)
Home Napa, California
Allies Her family, Martin, Chessy
Minions Annie
Enemies Meredith Blake
Likes Having fun, being with her mother, her family, Oreos (with peanut butter), Leonardo DiCaprio, being with her father
Dislikes Her parents divorced, getting in trouble, Meredith
Powers and abilities
Fate Celebrates the remarriage of her parents with Annie, Charles, Martin, and Chessy.
Quote "Tell me, what's Mom like?"
"Mom's amazing, Dad. I don't know how you ever let her go."

Hallie Parker is one of the main protagonists from the 1998 film, The Parent Trap (the other being her sister, Annie James). She is portrayed by Lindsay Lohan. She is the one who lived with her father, Nick Parker in California.


Hallie Parker is a red haired female of average height. She has short hair and pierced ears, traits that originally set her apart from her twin sister Annie before they hatched their plan to switch places, which forced Annie to have her hair cut short and pierce her ears as well. She dressed in more casual, tomboyish clothes in comparison to her twin sister, often wearing coats, t-shirts, and pants. She spoke with a California accent.


Annie and Hallie are very simiar in personality. The two are both mischievous and intelligent, devising many schemes to torture Meredith during their camping trip. The two also share similar interests, such as their love for poker and Oreos with peanut butter.

However, Hallie still has distinct differences from her twin. Hallie was less mature than her sister, as shown during their first meeting where Annie had bested her in fencing and she accidentally fell into a box of water, Hallie was vindicate and immediately pulled Annie down in retaliation (despite Annie attempting to apologize and help her up), instigating the animosity between the two. She also stole Annie's clothes after Annie, who lost in a game of poker, was forced to skinny dip in the nearby lake, prompting the prank wars that began between them. She also was slightly childish, as she still carries a stuffed animal named Cuppy who has been with her since she was young. She is also impatient and doesn't listen, as she quickly hung up on Annie when she was trying to explain that their father was getting engaged, with Hallie brushing her off by saying it wouldn't happen and that she wanted to spend more time with her Mother. She also spoke in a less formal manner than her sister and showed an interest in wine, which stemmed from living in a wineyard with her father.


  • Hallie and Annie were also portrayed by Lindsay Lohan's double, Erin Mackey.
  • Hallie has similarities to Rapunzel and Anna from Tangled and Frozen. All have Dreams of Experiencing Something they Haven't yet 
  •       Rapunzel (Wishing to be Free after finding out of her identity)
  •       Anna (Being outside her Home and Finding True Love)
  •       Hallie (Wishing to see her Real Mother)
  • Hallie is Also Similar to Ariel From The Little Mermaid
  • (Both Have Red Hair as well as Annie James Does

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