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"Half of Me" is the opening and closing song from the 1980 movie The Last Flight of Noah's Ark, performed by Alexandra Brown.

The song was performed three times in the film, first during the flying sequence, later where the crew of the B-29 begin to sail back to civilization, then in the final scene where Dugan and Bernadette marry and adopt Julie and Bobby.


If I were a star a tiny star
You be my starlight
Half of me is me
The other half of me is you

If I were a bird, a tiny bird
You'd be my wings
For only half of me is me
The other half of me is you

Reaching out, and touching hands
Is a way of sharing
Having faith and caring
Will always see us through

If I were a tree
You'd be my root
We'd grow together
Half of me is me
The other half is you

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