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Gus Gooseburger is a Duck NPC, he is a light brown duck with a white vesel shirt and dark blue pants. He owns the Affordable Gossebumps shop on Walrus Way street. He gives you a teleport access task, so you'll be able to teleport to The Brrrgh.


  1. Visit Gus Gooseburger in Affordable Goosebumps, Walrus Way
  2. Defeat 3 Level 4+ Cashbot Buildings
  3. Return to Gus Gooseburger
  4. Visit Grumpy Phil -in The Frozen Nose on Sleet Street.
  5. Deliver a Broken Tooth to Dr. Mumbleface
  6. Dr. mumbleface – Chattering Teeth Subzero Dentist on Sleet Street

Defeat one of the following:

  • Cashbots (The Brrrgh)
  • 8 Lawbots (The Brrrgh)
  • Sellbots (The Brrrgh)
  • Bossbots (The Brrrgh)

7. Return to Dr. Mumbleface Recover a Gold Tooth from one of the following:

  • The Big Cheeses (Anywhere)
  • Robber Barons (Anywhere)
  • Mr. Hollywoods (Anywhere)
  • Big Wigs (Anywhere) Return to Dr. Mumbleface

8.Deliver Gold Tooth to Grumpy Phil Task 9.Visit Gus Gooseburger 10.Deliver Pine Cone Bread to Grumpy Phil


  • He is the only NPC with red gloves, this is simliar to a hack that is used by hackers. It is unknown whether this was a bug, a hack, or the creators of Toontown messing with the game.
  • He gives you one of your last tasks in The Brrrgh.

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