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Background information
Feature films The Black Cauldron
Short films
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Andreas Deja
John Lasseter
Glen Keane
Voice John Byner
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Cowardly, playful, stingy, hungry, funny, kind of annoying
Appearance Small and slender creature, pale gray fur, white underbelly, dark gray mask, ears, and paws, brown soles on his feet, black nose, blue eyes, white hair, thickly mustachioed
Occupation Taran's sidekick
Alignment Good
Goal To become friends with Taran after he tries to find Hen Wen
Home Prydain
Allies Taran, Princess Eilonwy, Fflewddur Fflam, King Eidilleg, Doli, Fair Folk, Witches of Morva, Dallben, Hen Wen
Enemies Horned King, Creeper, Cauldron Born
Likes Apples (munchings and crunchings), friends
Dislikes Scariness, darkness, Horned King's castle
Powers and abilities
Fate Skips along home in Caer Dallben with Taran, Princess Eilonwy, her bauble, and Fflewddur.
Quote "Munchings and crunchings in here somewhere."
"Gurgi remember!"
"Gurgi go!"

Gurgi is a supporting character in Disney's 1985 feature film The Black Cauldron. He is portrayed as a gopher wood troll creature, whose speech distortions somewhat resemble those of Donald Duck.



Gurgi is portrayed to be very cowardly throughout most of the film, but surprises viewers by sacrificing himself into the Cauldron. He, however, is revived by the Witches of Morva. He has a huge love for apples, which he refers to as "munchings and crunchings".

Physical appearance

Gurgi appears as a small, gopher-like creature with blue eyes and shaggy, light-brown fur.


The Black Cauldron

Gurgi first appears when Taran is off searching for Hen Wen. When Taran tries to flush out the pig with an apple, Gurgi leaps down from a tree, and snatches the apple out of Taran's outstretched hand. Gurgi follows Taran for a while, though the boy doesn't want Gurgi around. The 2 split ways when Taran intends to enter the Horned King's castle. Taran deems Gurgi to be a coward in addition to being a thief and sends him away. When Taran escapes from the castle with Eilonwy and Fflam, Gurgi meets up with Taran again and befriends Eilonwy. They journey into the underground realm of the Fair Folk and to Morva, but when the heroes are taken captive by the Horned King's forces, Gurgi runs away again. Eventually, Gurgi musters up the courage to go and help his friends and sacrifices himself and jumps into the Cauldron, destroying its powers and the Horned King with it. When the Witches of Morva offer another exchange deal, Taran trades the Cauldron for Gurgi's life, not bothering to get the magic sword back because he now considers his friends more important than being a great warrior.

Disney Parks

When the film was first released, a quick-service eatery at the Magic Kingdom was named Gurgi's Munchings and Crunchings though the name would be changed in 1993.


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