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Grunkle Stan Headshot
Stan Pines
Background information
Feature films
Short films
Television programs Gravity Falls
Video games Gravity Falls: Legend of the Gnome Gemulets
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Alex Hirsch
Miguel Zuñiga (Spain)
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Stanley Pines
Other names Grunkle Stan (or Great-Uncle Stan), Stanford Pines, Mr. Mystery, Mr. Pines, Steve Pinington, Stetson Pinefield, Hal Forrester, Andrew "8-Ball" Alcatraz, several other allies
Personality Gruff, miserly, cheap, witty, snarky, sly, deceptive, eccentric, mischievous, confident, prideful
Appearance Elderly man with greying hair, grey beard stubble, and a large reddish nose; wears square black-framed glasses, a black suit and shoes, red bowtie, and a maroon fez
Occupation Owner of the Mystery Shack
Alignment Neutral/Good
Goal To be wealthy
To rescue his brother Stanford (succeeded)
Home Gravity Falls, Oregon
Relatives Dipper Pines (great nephew), Mabel Pines (great niece), Stanford Pines (brother), Mr. and Mrs. Pines (grand nephew and grand niece in-law)
Allies Dipper Pines, Mabel Pines, Soos, Wendy, Lazy Susan
Enemies Li'l Gideon, Bud Gleeful, Sheriff Blubs, Deputy Durland, Toby Determined, Robbie Valentino, Pacifica Northwest, Bill Cipher, Agent Powers and Trigger
Likes Making money, Cheap labor, Drama/romance movies, Scaring children on Summerween, Wax Stan, Heights (currently), Playing tricks on Li'l Gideon
Dislikes Showing affection, losing the remote, Pioneer Day, Li'l Gideon, heights (formerly), his business/plans failing, Boomerang Pit
Powers and abilities Selling items to naïve tourists; Tourist trapping; Passing off frauds as real
Weapons 8-ball cane, His Brass Knuckles, His Fists
Fate Finds all 3 Journals and opens the Portal
Quote "Ladies and gentlemen, behold! The Sascrotch!"
"When life gives you lemons, call them 'yellow oranges' and sell them for double the price."
"Your...Your eye is weird...Let's...let' about that."

Stanley "Stan" Pines, better known as Grunkle Stan ("Grunkle" being a play on the words "Great Uncle"), is Mabel and Dipper's sly, cranky great uncle and the tritagonist. He runs the Mystery Shack, a tourist trap full of questionable oddities and mysteries. When he's giving tours or sleeping on the couch, Dipper and Mabel are usually sneaking out to explore the town’s secrets. Grunkle Stan seems to have some of his own mysterious secrets.

Grunkle Stan is voiced by series creator, Alex Hirsch.

Disney Bio

Mabel and Dipper's shyster great-uncle, Grunkle Stan runs the Mystery Shack, a tourist trap full of questionable oddities.


Early Life

Stanley was born to Filbrick and Ma Pines along with his twin brother Ford, later having a younger brother named Shermy. They lived in Glass Shard Beach, New Jersey, where his father operated the family shop (Pines Pawns), his mother also working there as a phone psychic.

As a kid, Stan was bullied frequently. To make matters worse, his father made him take up boxing. The boxing classes would pay off fortunately; while waiting in line to see "Grandpa the Kid," Stan left-hooked a man who was attempted to steal the purse of a younger Carla "Hotpants" McCorkle, starting his relationship with her. In the 1970's, the two were frequent attendants of their favorite diner, the 50's-themed Juke Joint. However, their relationship soon ended when Carla instead fell for hippie musician Thistle Downe, and, according to Stan's "hallucinationy" reports, her shorts immediately transformed into bell bottoms, and she and her new boyfriend blasted off on a rainbow into the sky. Later Stan drove Thistle's van off a ravine; he blames this loss on hypnotic messages hidden in Thistle's music.

Several decades ago, Stan moved into the Mystery Shack and later transformed it into a tourist trap. At a garage sale, he stole many wax figures and set up a wax museum, and, though not to his knowledge, was frequently pranked at night when the cursed statues came to life. After the wax museum stopped bringing in money, he closed it and locked the figures away for ten years, while they plotted revenge on him. At unknown points in his life, Stan went to jail in Colombia, where he formed an one-sided friendship with his inmates, and developed a feud with Gideon Gleeful.

During the Series

Sometime during the month of June, Stan's great niece and nephew were sent from Piedmont, California to stay with him for the summer. Stan immediately puts them to work in his house-turned tourist trap, the Mystery Shack. Stan's other employees include Soos and Wendy. At the end of "Tourist Trapped", it's revealed that he has a secret door behind the vending machine in his house.

In "The Legend of the Gobblewonker," Grunkle Stan wants to take Dipper and Mabel to the Lake Gravity Falls to bond with them, and he states that the guys from the lodge won't go with Stan because they don't "like or trust him". Though he reveals in a way that he does love Dipper and Mabel, since he does make them fishing hats, meaning that he does want to spend time with them for once. Dipper and Mabel try to get away from Stan's fishing idea by going with Soos to catch the Gobblewonker so they can get $1,000 in a photo contest. Stan gets upset that Dipper and Mabel would rather go on a monster hunt than go fishing with him, so he tries to find his own fishing buddies around the lake.

This doesn't turn out right for Stan, since everyone just thinks of his jokes as annoying or creepy. Later when Dipper, Mabel, and Soos return from their voyage, Dipper and Mabel asks if they can bond with Stan, feeling bad that they left him earlier. Stan accepts their request, and they all end up having quality family time Stan has been waiting for.

After the twins and Soos discovers several wax figures in an abandoned room in "Headhunters," Stan tells them that he used to run the Gravity Falls Wax Museum, until he forgot all about it. Mabel uses some old wax to make a wax figure of Grunkle Stan, which he then shows to the town. When Stan's promised free pizza is revealed to be a lie, the crowd goes on a rampage. Later that night, Wax Stan is murdered and his head is gone. While Dipper and Mabel try to figure out the murderer, Stan prepares a funeral. After failing to find out the culprit, the twins, Soos, the wax figures, and Stan hold the funeral. Stan tearfully leaves, and Soos follows him. It is revealed that the murderers are the wax figures themselves, who wanted revenge on Stan for forgetting about them for 10 years. Mabel and Dipper defeat them, even though they destroyed Stan's parlor.

S1e4 pines family has invoked my fury

Stan is threatened by his archenemy, Gideon.

In "The Hand That Rocks the Mabel," when the twins and Soos see a commercial for the psychic Li'l Gideon, Stan tells them that he is his arch enemy and has been nothing but trouble for him since he arrived in Gravity Falls. He also says they're not allowed to see Gideon's show, but Dipper and Mabel find a loophole and go anyway. Later, Stan learns that Mabel and Gideon are dating, and disapproves. He goes to talk to Gideon's dad, Bud Gleeful, about it, but he changes his mind when Bud says that they can pool their profits. Stan even tells Mabel she has to marry Gideon. After Mabel breaks Gideon's amulet, Gideon forces his dad to call off the deal. Stan then steals a clown painting and yells, "Try and catch me, suckers!"

In "The Inconveniencing," Stan falls in love with a classic romance film, The Duchess Approves, and becomes glued to the television as he watches it.

When Grunkle Stan takes the twins to Greasy's Diner in "Dipper vs. Manliness," Mabel learns that he has a crush on waitress Lazy Susan and tries to improve his appearance and behavior in order to appeal to his love. After nothing works, Mabel decides that she should present her uncle to Susan as is, and is successful. However, Susan's incessant phone calls make Stan regret ever expressing feeling for her.

He has a party at the Mystery Shack in "Double Dipper" to attract a younger audience for the Mystery Shack.

S1e8 stan in ye stocks

Stan spends most of Pioneer Day trapped in a pillory.

It is revealed that Grunkle Stan despises Pioneer Day in "Irrational Treasure," and he later gets trapped in a wooden stock for yelling at Steve, a mechanic. While Stan is locked up, Gideon throws tomatoes at his eyes, and he gets taunted by Pacifica Northwest.

In "The Time Traveler's Pig", Grunkle Stan opens up the Mystery Fair to earn more cash, and rigged the Dunk Tank by making the target connected to the seat very stiff, causing Stan to not fall no matter how hard the people threw. When Dipper and Mabel time travel, the twins pass the Mystery Shack from which a younger Stan briefly emerges. Later, one of the members of the Time Paradox Avoidance Enforcement Squadron fires his blaster at the target, which causes Stan to fall off the seat and into the water, satisfying the crowd of people.

In "Fight Fighters", Stan is seen hanging out with Soos and the twins for a while before Robbie challenges Dipper to a fight, which Stan encourages. Later, Mabel learns that Stan is afraid of heights, despite his attempts to cover it up, and tricks him into letting her help him overcome his fear. When he and Mabel are attacked by Rumble McSkirmish, who is pursuing Robbie at the time, at the water tower, he is so relieved to have survived that he no longer fears high altitudes.

In "Little Dipper", a man is at Stan's door when Dipper, Mabel, and him were watching TV, he answers the door and thinks that the tax collector is here for him, so he runs and gets a bag of full of cash behind the painting that he stole from a restaurant (Mystery Shack Mystery) and starts looking for a trap door on the stones on the wall. Soon learning that it wasn't them and that they are the "Winninghhouse Coupon Savers Contest" and that they are there to give him $10,000,000, since his dream was to "possess money" had finally come true, so he signs. but Gideon comes out saying that he just signed the Mystery Shack to him, but on the paper he signs "SUCK A LEMON LITTLE MAN" instead. Throughout the episode Gideon tries taking the Mystery Shack away from Stan but ultimately fails. So, when Gideon has shrunken Mabel and Dipper and has them in his possession he calls Stan saying that he has them and that he has to give up the Mystery Shack in order to get them back but Stan doesn't believe him so Gideon says that he would text Stan a photo of them, but Stan thinks Gideon isn't even speaking English and ends up hanging up the phone. Though Gideon goes to the Shack to shrink Stan and take over the Shack, before Stan and Soos are setting up the mirror maze that is supposedly gonna bring him in cash, and that was Soos's idea that Stan is taking credit for. Once Gideon gets into the Mystery Shack he finds Stan, but since Stan is in the maze Gideon can't find him but soon breaks every single mirror he sees and finds him. He corners Stan and tries to zap him, but meanwhile tiny Mabel and Dipper start tickling him and says that he is a good enemy that maybe their rivalry has gone too far, so he "rolls" Gideon out of the shack.

In "Summerween", Grunkle Stan steals items from the Summerween Superstore by using his Smoke Bomb, and tells the twins that the townspeople love Halloween so much they celebrate it twice a year. Later a group of kids who are trick-or-treating rings the doorbell of the Mystery Shack, and Stan comes to the door with a skeleton mask. This scares the kids, who ran away, but two kids remained. Stan asks them why they weren't scared, and the kids reply they've been watching horror movies since they were two years old. For the rest of the episode, Stan tries to scare the two kids. He first pulls out "guts" from his stomach, but the kids weren't scared because the guts were just sausages. Then Stan had a pig come out of his stomach, but it was just tucked under his shirt the whole time. Stan feels shameful because he used to scare every children in the previous Summerweens, so he took a shower to wash off the shame. The two kids, who wanted candy from Stan, walked inside the Mystery Shack to find him. They finally get scared and runs away after they saw Stan naked, satisfying Stan. When the twins come home from trick-or-treating, they were disappointed they couldn't eat any of the candy they collected (they all fell into a river). Stan shows them two big bags of candy he got, and the family, along with Soos, Wendy, Candy Chiu and Grenda, watch a horror movie at the Mystery Shack for the remainder of the night.

In "Boss Mabel", Stan's relentless attempts at making money and poor treatment of his employees get on Mabel's nerves, and she decides to confront him about it. So, the two bet that whoever makes more money in three days' time--Stan on vacation or Mabel running the Shack--is in charge for the rest of the summer. After heading out, Stan lands a spot competing on the game show Cash Wheel, and, despite doing very well at first, ends up losing all $300 thousand dollars he earns after failing to correctly guess the final puzzle. Consequently, Stan offers Mabel the chance to be the new boss in accordance with their bet, but she declines, although she still makes him perform the apology dance he promised to do if he lost the bet.

In "Bottomless Pit!", Grunkle Stan has his first major encounter with the supernatural side of Gravity Falls as he, Soos, and the twins fall down a bottomless pit (rather boomerang pit) and tell stories to pass the time. In Dipper's tale, Stan makes fun of Dipper's frequently cracking voice and develops an obnoxious, female voice after his nephew dumps a voice-altering formula in his coffee. In his own tale, Stan wins a major football game with the help of his robotic sidekick, thereby teaching a group of football players a lesson and winning a gigantic trophy. In Mabel's story, Mabel observes his excessive lying habit and grows more and more annoyed by it to the point of forcing him to be honest, via a set of truth telling teeth. Stan's truthfulness is unfiltered, however, and gets on the twins' nerves, and Mabel finally decides to remove the teeth from her uncle's mouth after he almost gets himself arrested. As the group nears the end of the pit, they simply come out the top, though Stan falls back in shortly afterwards.

On the hottest day of the year, Stan, Dipper, Mabel, and Soos go to the town pool to cool off. When Stan tries to get his ideal lawn chair, he is horrified when he finds that Gideon has taken it from him. As he tries to reclaim his seat, he is put into pool jail for roughhousing, and Gideon foils his other attempts. At night, Stan decides to go to the pool extremely early to get the chair before Gideon shows up, but is enraged upon finding out that his young foe yet again anticipated and ruined his plan ahead of time, at this instance by gluing him to the pool chair.

When Dipper and Mabel are fighting over a new room they found in the shack, Stan takes the key and tells them that whoever sucks up to him the most will get the room. He makes them run around and do chores and make things for him, all the while rewarding them 'suck-up points'. Eventually though, after Dipper and Mabel switch bodies, he catches Dipper (Mabel) spying on the sleepover and thinks that Dipper is at 'that creepy age where you spy on girls' and drags Mabel over to a room where he tells her all about puberty. When she tries to sabotage Dipper by calling Stan a stupid old jerk, he decides that Dipper would get the room and gives Dipper(Mabel) the key and sends her out.

In "Boyz Crazy", Stan listens to Dipper talk about how Robbie got Wendy to go on the date with him and relates it to something that happened to him and his old sweetheart Carla "Hotpants" McCorkle. He helps Dipper uncover a hidden message in the song, and drives Dipper to Lookout Point to help him tell Wendy about it. When Wendy breaks up with Robbie, he calls it "a victory for every man who is either too weak or fat to play an instrument." After Wendy gets mad at Dipper for asking her to go bowling, Stan tells Dipper that he could always just go bowling with him, and that he was trying to do the right thing even if he destroyed a relationship. In "Land Before Swine", Stan kicks Waddles out of the house against Mabel's wishes. Because Waddles was outside, a pterodactyl took him and Stan lies to Mabel about it, saying that the pterodactyl came inside the house to catch him. Eventually Mabel figures out that Stan had lied and refuses to talk to him. Eventually she forgives him after he saves Waddles and punches the pterodactyl in the face.

In "Dreamscaperers", Gideon sends Bill Cipher into Stan's mind to find the combination to the safe containing the deed to the Mystery Shack. Cipher is prevented from doing so by the efforts of Dipper, Mabel and Soos, so Gideon uses dynamite to blow open the safe. With the deed in hand, he then forces Stan and the others out of the Shack, and has it demolished via wrecking.

Stan and the rest of his group are stuck living with Soos and his grandmother in "Gideon Rises" after the events following Dreamscapers. He attempts to reclaim the Mystery Shack after Gideon unveils his plans to no avail. During the course of the skirmish, however, he unintentionally discovers the truth behind Gideon's powers. Later, after Gideon's arrest, he swindles Dipper out of 3. His secret underground laboratory is a series of rooms containing computers and electronic equipment deep beneath the Shack. He keeps 1 down there and uses the unmarked pages of the three books together to form an illuminated, triangular doorway of sorts.

The nature of this device, and Stan's intentions, are currently unknown. After its activation, Stan utters a sinister, "Here we go!" before the screen cuts to black.


Physical Description


Grunkle Stan has brown eyes with cataracts, gray eyebrows, and gray hair, that is almost always covered by Stan's trademark maroon fez, which bears a yellow crescent shape and later a similar figure, albeit with straight edges, with a dot next to it. He bears a somewhat large, droopy, reddish-pinkish nose, large ears, and fair skin. Stan has wrinkly skin as a result of his age, a slouched posture, and a dull indigo tattoo of an unknown design on his back. He usually wears a pair of rectangular glasses with a black rim. Stan has a perpetual five o'clock shadow covering his lower face.

Stan's typical outfit is a black suit, with the jacket buttoned closed, a bow tie similar in color to his fez, and a white dress shirt. He also wears big, light brown shoes and the aforementioned fez and glasses. He frequently carries an eight ball cane with him and often wears an unnecessary eye-patch over one of his eyes while working. He is seen for the first time with an unbuttoned suit in Carpet Diem. He is also seen briefly wearing a white T-shirt with blue lettering that states "Team Gideon" in "The Hand That Rocks the Mabel."

Around the house, he tends to wear a white tank top, a gold necklace, striped blue underwear, slippers, and his glasses and fez. This particular outfit shows Stan's body hair, of which he has an excessive amount, burly arms, skinny legs, and his large gut.


Intro grunkle stan running

Grunkle Stan running away with a cash register.

Grunkle Stan, is a gruff, selfish, cynical, greedy and childish salesman who has managed to set up his shop in a town with enough unsuspecting customers to sell worthless knickknacks to. His flair for showmanship is oddly hypnotizing, and thus he is able to make money by peddling the bogus trinkets and baubles in his store. His work ethic is mainly driven by his desire to make money, so when he's not generating an income, he's usually at home watching television. He's the show's deuteragonist. Stan is also a lot more intelligent than he appears, as he's shown on multiple occasions, such as constantly outwitting Little Gideon. Even though he sends the twins on unpredictable and outrageous errands, he always has their best interests at heart and loves them unconditionally. Meanwhile, when he isn't busy trying to make a quick buck from his unsuspecting customers, Grunkle Stan is guarding his own secret that might hold the key to unlocking the mystery of Gravity Falls. Stan sees his tourists as a way to make a quick buck and nothing more. His business tends to draw in a more oblivious crowd, whom he more easily fools with his entirely fake exhibits. He is a popular con artist, yet the tourists don't see it.


Mabel Pines

Stan's and Mabel's conflicting personalities sometimes clash, often resulting in arguments and disapproval between them. Nevertheless, they care about each other and enjoy spending quality time with one another. Mabel often gets involved in whatever problem Stan is dealing with on a given day and tries to help him solve it, usually when Stan does not ask for her help. Stan can be protective of his niece and will get jealous when she spends time with others instead of him, and he has a tendency to find Mabel more likable than Dipper.

Dipper Pines

Stan does not often supervise Dipper, as he is supposed as the boy's summer caretaker and is known to take advantage of him, which annoys and angers Dipper. Stan also teases his nephew frequently, and Dipper can get annoyed with Stan. However, they still love each other and like to bond, and Stan seems to have a soft spot for both of the twins, and is well-meaning. Stan seems to forget his name frequently, and he also likes to do the trick of taking a quarter out of Dipper's ears to freak him out, as mentioned in the PodCast interview. In the Dreamscaper episode, we discovered that Stan is tough on Dipper only because he is trying to toughen him up. 


While Stan views Soos as a loyal employee, he still takes advantage of the man-child, using his cluelessness to his advantage. Soos, on the other hand, admires Stan and attends to his boss' every whim, spending a great portion of his time at work. The two men have developed a friendship over the years.

Wendy Corduroy

Wendy is disrespectful toward Stan and is notorious for slacking off and breaking rules when he is not looking. Stan is harsh on her, contributing to her view of him as the "worst boss ever," and she is not above playing pranks on him. But, Wendy still helps Stan, even with his personal life from time to time.

Gideon Gleeful

Stan and Gideon have been rivals for years, both in business and life. Stan sees Gideon as a moronic, hindering, and irritating nuisance. As Stan mocks and is angered by his young foe, not taking him to be a threat in any way, Gideon plots his revenge on Stan and his family, with pranks on the side. Gideon also seeks a mysterious secret hidden within Stan's Mystery Shack. At the end of season 1, we see Gideon getting his just deserts by Stan getting him arrested.


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  • Grunkle Stan's supposed "tattoo" was actually a burn mark from the control panel of the portal as revealed in a tale of two stans.
  • His car has a vanity license plate that reads "STNLYMBL". This is most likely short for Stanley Mobile.
  • He has been sent to jail in Colombia.
  • Grunkle Stan is continuously seen running away with stuff, mostly bags of money or cash registers.
  • He claims to own ten loaded guns.
  • Toffee peanuts are Stan's favorite treat.
  • Grunkle Stan, Mabel, and Dipper have been to the county jail due to them making counterfeit money.
  • In the working stage, his fez had a crescent moon and star, much like the Islamic symbol which is probably why it was changed.
  • The fez he wears on his head has its origins from the Ottoman Empire culture which occupied most of the Middle East, and Turkey only a century ago before losing their land in WW1.
  • The symbol on Stan's hat may be the Luwian hieroglyph for "Luna" or moon.
  • In some countries, the symbol on Stan's fez is removed.
  • He has a cameo on the Disney Channel website, trying to scam the user with the Sack of Mystery.
  • Stan has cataracts and is almost completely blind by them.
  • Grunkle Stan frequently uses smoke bombs to distract people and then runs away.
  • Even though it has not been stated outright, it can be assumed that Stan is a relative from Dipper and Mabel's dad's side of the family.
    • Assuming that the Author of the journals---nor possibly Grunkle Stan himself---is Dipper and Mabel's paternal grandfather (their dad's dad), Stan and the Author must have at least one other brother who's the father of Dipper and Mabel's dad.
  • Stan wears a hearing aid.
  • It is strongly hinted that he, as well as the rest of the Pines family, are Jewish: "Pines" is a common Ashkenazi surname, being greedy and miserly are stereotypes commonly attributed to Jews, and his father's old shop/the family home, Pines Pawn's, had a mezuzah attached to its entrance. This is further underscored by the fact that creator Alex Hirsch is Jewish and Dipper and Mabel are based on him and his twin sister Ariel.
  • Lil' Gideon is one of the only characters to call Stan by his full first fake name, Stanford.
  • He wasn't seen in "Northwest Mansion Mystery".
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