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I've never seen any animal like him before.

Gruff the NeverBeast (also known as the NeverBeast) is a giant furry monster and the deuteragonist in Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast.


Despite looking big, mean and scary, Fawn the animal fairy however sees otherwise of him and becomes his closest friend.

Tink and the other fairies however are not so sure about this scary addition to Pixie Hollow. When the elite Scout Fairies set out to capture him, Fawn becomes his only protection, as well prove that he is not what everyone thinks.

It is discovered that he's actually a mighty protector of Pixie Hollow who awakens once every thousand years by the passing of a green comet. The passing is followed by a giant green lightning storm that could destroy the fairies' homes or kill them. To prevent this; Gruff creates four towers, one in each season, to draw the lighting strikes to them. Then after he transforms, he flies around collecting the lightning and holding the energy until the storm has passed. It is shown that he can use the stored lighting to restore life to a dead fairy.

Once Gruff's mission is done, he returns to his den to sleep for another thousand years, until he is needed once more to protect Pixie Hollow.


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  • Gruff's vocal grunts and growls are a combination of sounds from a cat, dog, llama, hyena, and a camel.[1]
  • According to Fawn, Gruff appears to be a hybrid of Didelphis marsupialis and Bison occidentalis. These are the scientific nomenclatures for the common opossum and an extinct species of bison.
  • The book about his legend was fragmented, so the truth about him was lost long ago. This was the reason the fairies believed he was a threat until he proved otherwise.


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