The brothers find that no good deed goes unpunished when they try to make their Mom a birthday gift.


The three boys try to make their mom a cake for her birthday. Unfortunately, they don't know the first thing about cooking (like for instance, you don't put batter in a colander). They end up making a mess in the kitchen - and worse - wrecking all of their home videos. Mom, needless to say, is less than pleased. She yells at them (1st time in JONAS history)for being irresponsible.

To try to make it up to her, they get the idea to reenact all of their home videos. These wild and wacky scenes include:Nick in a tiger suit, Joe dancing like he has to go to the bathroom (which he really does), and Stella spilling eggnog down her front (on purpose). They eventually get to a part where Nick needs to sit in a really big high chair, but can't find the camera. After searching everywhere, the brothers discover that their little brother, Frankie, has it. In order to get back the video camera, they must allow him to be in the videos, even though he wasn't even born when they occurred.

Mom is very surprised when her sons show her the videos. She tells them that they are the best ever. She also admits that she likes the new and improved ones better.

The story ends at some party where the brothers, in a moment of fun, show the guests an embarrassing clip of little Stella. Stella is mortified, then, remembering that her mother had supposedly destroyed this, turns on Joe and begins chasing him around the house. Apparently he made a copy before it was destroyed. The last we see is Joe sliding down the firepole. Stella shoots down after him, shrieking, "I'm wearing heels!" As she disappears from view, we hear a loud, "Ow!" Unfortunately, Joe was unable to get away from the pole in time and has been injured with Stella's heels.


  • The home videos used were actual videos of the Jonas Brothers and Chelsea Staub.
  • This episode can be played through on the Jonas DS Game.
  • Nicole Anderson (Macy Misa) does not appear in this episode.




  • Frankie Jonas: Frankie Lucas
  • Rebecca Creskoff: Sandy Lucas

International Airdates

Country/Region First Shown
United States May 2, 2009
United Kingdom October 2, 2009