The Grimlock is a magical and inescapable prison that resembles an urn. It is featured in the film The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. The Grimlock came from the Arcana Cabana.


Like the Grimhold, it is designed to trap and imprison the most dangerous and evil sorcerers.

Balthazar locked himself and Horvath inside the Grimlock for 10 years, before they both escaped separately.

The Grimlock was destroyed by Horvath after his escape before he tried to completely destroy Balthazar who was trapped in it by dropping it, but failed as Balthazar escaped from it.


  • "The second emperor of the Han Dynasty locked his least favorite wife in this urn for 10 years, to the day. They say you open it up, the same thing will happen to you." - Balthazar about the history of the Grimlock.