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Grenda is the deep, masculine-voiced best friend of Mabel Pines and Candy Chiu.


At some point prior the series, Grenda met and befriended Candy Chiu. Her voice also drastically changed at one point, as she explains to her friends it wasn't always as deep as it currently is. She also had a few interactions with Pacifica in the past, as she tells Mabel she always feels bad about herself when she's around her.


Grenda is regularly happy and supportive when around her friends. She is extremely insecure about the deepness of her voice, and is constantly belittled, as well as made to feel weird and out of place by popular girls such as Pacifica Northwest. This tends to make her uncomfortable, sad, and angry. Along with her friends, she's boy-crazy and appears to be a fan of her mothers "age-inappropriate" novels.

Physical appearance

Grenda is a light-skinned, large girl with brown medium-length hair, usually tied up in a ponytail. She has a noticeable red mark on the right side of her cheek. Her main outfit features a pink T-shirt with the word "COOL" on it, purple shorts, as well as white socks and pink and purple shoes, including a thin yellow barrette on the right side of her hair. In "Carpet Diem," she was shown in her sleepwear; a long pink nightdress with a purple bear head on it. Underneath the bear head, BEAR is written in purple.

For "Summerween", she wore a witch outfit, featuring a dark-purple v-neck dress with light purple leotards, dark purple pioneer-era shoes, including a purple belt with a golden buckle, and a dark-purple pointed witch hat. When attending the Sev'ral Timez concert with her friends, she wore similar shirt to her main one, it being purple instead with the Sev'ral Timez emblem on it. She also wore a darker pair of shorts.

When she and Candy attend the "Mystery Shack is Back" party, she's wearing a lime-green shirt with the words "WORK IT", double purple wrist-bands on both arms, leopard printed tights rolled-up, including dark grey slippers. She has waves in her hair, including a pink bow-tie that extended behind her ears and to the center of her head. During Mabel's Sock Opera, she wore a dark-grey baseball cap, a matching-colored sweater, including dark grey yoga pants. To the Northwest Fest, she wore a homemade gold dress (and matching scrunchie) with aqua pearl earrings, a matching necklace, a single shoulder strap with blue corsage, and blue strap shoes.

During "Weirdmageddon", she is seen reduced down to wearing dark brown rags, shaped in the form of a t-shirt, shorts, and shoes. She also wore a white rag in a scarf-manner, including a dark brown belt with a metal buckle. Matching with Candy, she had black face-paint, including a pair of googles that rested on her forehead.


Gravity Falls

Season 1

Candy and Grenda first debut in "Double Dipper," where the two attend the party that Grunkle Stan hosts at the Mystery Shack, also bringing what seems to be a pet iguana or an iguana that she is watching. While they watch the others dance, Mabel Pines joins beside them. Grenda is the first to talk to her, and introduces her to Candy as well. The three befriend each other, just before Pacifica Northwest walks in. Pacifica insults Candy and Grenda, and Mabel sticks up for her friends by competing against Pacifica for the crown. She and Candy cheer for Mabel along the way. After Pacifica once again insults Grenda about her voice, Grenda exclaims that she wants to put Pacifica in a headlock and "make her feel pain." After Pacifica wins the crown and leaves with most of the party goers, Grenda and Candy announce their intent to have a sleepover with Mabel, and how happy they are that they are friends. Then the three girls start dancing, exclaiming "dance dance dance."

Grenda appears again in "Summerween", dressed as a witch, and goes trick-or-treating with Candy, Soos, Dipper, and Mabel. She is one of the witnesses of the Summerween Trickster, and helps Dipper and Mabel collect five hundred pieces of candy. Later, when they're fighting with the monster, she takes a bite out of him and exclaims, "Saltwater taffy? Gross!"

In "Carpet Diem", Grenda and Candy go to Mabel's house to have a sleepover where Grenda is shown playing "Calling All Boys: Preteen Edition" and talking to a robotic-voice boy named Kevin. Later, they find Dipper in Mabel's body and take him upstairs for a second sleepover. After Dipper and Mabel switch back, Mabel tells the girls about the electric carpet's magical properties. Grenda switches bodies with several other people like Old Man McGucket, Waddles and Mabel. In the end, everyone ends up back in their own bodies.

In "Boyz Crazy", Grenda, Mabel and Candy attend a Sev'ral Timez concert. Afterwards, they sneak backstage, discovering that the band are actually clones being held as slaves by their manager. They release the boys and bring them to the Mystery Shack. Soon after, Mabel becomes highly possessive of them, forcing Grenda and Candy away. Eventually, Mabel decides to let the band go, and the three release them into the wild.

In the season one finale "Gideon Rises," she appears with Candy as the two comfort each other, wishing Mabel and Dipper goodbye when the twins were forced to leave Gravity Falls.


In "Mabel's Guide to Fashion," she commentates on Mabel's fashion show, and helps her in Soos' "flash makeover." She also comments favorably on Mabel drawing a face on Old Man McGucket's bald spot.

In the short "Mabel's Guide to Color," while Mabel interviews the townsfolk about their favorite colors, Grenda responds with "Biege!" Later, when Mabel calls for ideas on how to get Stan to see a rainbow, Grenda says that she sometimes sees rainbows when she drinks expired milk, and proceeds to do so while Candy draws up a plan to reflect a rainbow from a waterfall. After finishing the milk, she speaks up in agreement to Candy's plan before collapsing to the floor and falling asleep, startling Dipper.


I always feel bad about myself around her.
―Grenda on Pacifica Northwest[src]
I used to sing like that. Before my voice changed.
You're, like, a major rock star now!
―Grenda to Mabel[src]
I wet myself.
We're alive! Yeah!



  • Grenda used to have a beautiful voice before her voice changed.
  • In the ComicCon 2013 Gravity Falls panel Alex Hirsch stated that Candy Chiu and Grenda are Mabel's "life long friends".
  • Her favorite color is beige.
  • She will apparently marry rich, as confirmed in "Dipper's and Mabel's Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun!"

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