Green and Bear It is a 2012 Muppet storybook about Fozzie Bear, with an environmental theme.

Fozzie is practicing for his act in the Muppets' Spring Showcase, and decides he needs some luck to help him have a successful show. He asks Bean Bunny for a rabbit's foot and Mr. Horse for a horseshoe, but comes up empty. Gonzo and Camilla suggest that Fozzie look for a four-leaf clover in the park.

After a fruitless search in the clover patch, Fozzie turns to Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, who uses his new cloning machine to make Beaker's lucky four-leaf clover into... one squillion clovers! Soon clover is sprouting everywhere -- even out of Fozzie's ear. Fozzie has to run to the one friend who knows exactly how not-easy it is being green...

Keeping with the "green" theme of the story, Green and Bear It is printed on recycled paper with soy inks. The book includes a sheet of stickers picturing characters from the book and lucky clovers.

Cameo appearances

Green and Bear It is illustrated by Amy Mebberson, comics artist and outspoken Muppet enthusiast, and there are several hidden "Easter eggs" for the observant Muppet-fan reader:

  • "Mr. Horse" is modeled after Paul Revere, who sang "Don't Fence Me In" with Bob Hope in The Muppet Show episode 221, and the horse is still wearing his red hightops.
  • A scene during the Spring Showcase performance includes Nigel conducting the band, with Mildred and the Blue Frackle in the audience.
  • Scooter's sister Skeeter appears in the background on the next to last page, helping Scooter and the Muppet gang replant clovers in the park. (Mebberson drew the 2010 "Family Reunion" story arc in The Muppet Show Comic Book, which reintroduced a grown-up Skeeter.)