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The Great Book of Gummi is a magical book from Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears.


The book is the Gummi bears' greatest treasure. Contained inside are all the secrets of Gummi wisdom and tradition, including spells, recipes, technical schematics and the complete history of the Gummi Bears. It can only be unlocked by a Gummi Medallion.

The book was originally locked up centuries by the great Gummis and rested in the study of Gummi Glen in the care of the six remaining Gummis, Zummi, Grammi Gummi, Sunni, Tummi, Gruffi and Cubbi Gummi. The book was finally reopened by a Gummi Medallion once belonging to Cavin when he angrily threw it away. The first page shown was a message left behind possibly by the ancient Gummis and then vanished after reading it.

I the last of the Great Gummis lock this book containing all our law and magic. You who read these pages have unlocked your past, now find your future. Help the good, fight the wicked, strive to make Gummis great once more.
―The Message from the book

The message helped encourage the Gummi's of Gummi Glen to come out of hiding and help Cavin stop Duke Igthorn from destroying Dunwyn Castle and since then they continue performing brave and honourable deeds which is later recorded in the book.

Despite it being a magical book it is still fragile to certain things that could damage a normal book. In the episode "The Road to Ursalia", it was accidentally burnt to ashes by a candle left by Gruffi. Gruffi journeyed to Ursalia in hopes of finding another book in the great library, only to find that all the books were too old, crumbling to dust at the slightest touch. However, not all was in vain as a magic bookmark given to Gruffi by Sir Thornberry restored the Gummi Glen book from the ashes, along with adding new blank pages.


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