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Grant Malcolm Mitchell is the slightly eccentric brother of Grady Mitchell. He is the head of his fraternity called Delta Nu.

He used to mock Grady often due to the fact that Grady does not have a girlfriend, while he himself already had several. He, however, grew a newfound sense of respect for his brother after Sonny defended Grady from Blake Radisson's mockery. He likes chasing after girls, and shouting out "Delta Nu" when happy.

He is shown as quite hard to break down. Every time Grady and Sonny do something to inspire a "break up" between them, Grant always takes it the wrong way so that Grady and Sonny can't break up. As Sonny says, "He's harder to kill than a vampire".

In the episode "Sonny With a Grant", Mr. Condor has Grant become the new Mackenzie after he fires Chad. Also, in "Grady With a Chance of Sonny", it is revealed that he likes Sonny. When Grady "breaks up" with her, Grant said he would ask Sonny out. Gronny (Grant and Sonny) remain friends now. Grant's only friend in Condor Studios is Sonny Munroe. Grant obviously doesn't have feelings for her anymore, he better not since Sonny's dating Chad Dylan Cooper. However it is seen at the end of "Sonny with a Grant" that Grant might have feelings for Tawni and the same could be said vice versa.

Grant is originally from Orlando, Florida.