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Grandma Goofy, also known as Granny, is Goofy's elderly yet energetic grandmother.



Grandma Goofy made her first appearance in a 1944 Mickey Mouse Sunday page by Hubie Karp and Bill Wright. Her first speaking appearance was in 1955, in the daily Mickey Mouse newspaper strips which formed the 120-page counting comic Dr. X., in which she was shown to be a big sports fan.

Hr (2)

Grandma Goofy, as drawn by Floyd Gottfredson in Dr. X.

Goofy's grandma also made an appearance in Super Goof: The Granny Hang-Up.[1] Goofy's living room is adorned with pictures of his beloved grandmother.

Grandma Goofy had a prominent role in the Mickey Mouse comic Topolino e l'insolita indagine ("Mickey and the Unusual Investigation"), in which Mickey doesn't seem too pleased with her presence.

In the 1987 comic Le Moulin, Goofy shows his grandma's old-fashioned coffee grinder while teaching about this kitchen device. In La folle famille Dingo, first published in France in 2004, Goofy disguises himself as some of his relatives, including his grandmother.

Grandma Goofy's grinder, as seen in Le Moulin.

When Goofy was young, he and Clarabelle once borrowed some of his Grandma's clothing to diguise themselves so that they could spy on their opponent's soccer team without being noticed, as mentioned in Paperino e Topolino in: la finale, finalmente ("Donald and Mickey: The Final, Finally"). In this story, Goofy also reveals that his grandma is a big fan of F.C. Duckburg, Duckburg's local soccer team.

Mickey Mouse

Grandma Goofy made her first animated appearance (eventually being revealed to be Goofy in disguise) in "Goofy's Grandma", the twenty-fourth episode of Mickey Mouse, where she was voiced by Bill Farmer.


  • Altough her first name is unknown in the original version, she's called Goofine in German.



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