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Grandma Duck
Background information
Feature films
Short films Mickey's Christmas Carol (cameo)
Sport Goofy in Soccermania (cameo)
Television programs Walt Disney anthology series
Video games Mickey no Tokyo Disneyland Daibōken
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice June Foray
Performance model
Designer Al Taliaferro
Inspiration Donnie M. Wheaton (Al Taliaferro's mother-in-law)
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Elvira Duck (née Coot)
Other names Gran'ma
Elviry Duck
Relatives Humperdink Duck (husband)
Quackmore and Eider (sons)
Daphne Duck (daughter)
Donald Duck, Fethry Duck and Gladstone Gander (grandsons)
Huey, Dewey and Louie (great-grandsons)
Cornelius Coot (grandfather)
Gus Goose (grandnephew)
Pets Dobin the Horse, Gnawton the Goat, Porgy the Pig, Caesar the Rooster, Betsy the Cow, Johnny the Bull, the rest of her farm animals.
Allies Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Jaq and Gus, Gus Goose, Huey, Dewey and Louie; April, May and June, Gladstone Gander, Gyro Gearloose, Mickey Mouse, Goofy
Enemies Farmer Bumpkin (neighbor), Big Bad Wolf, the Beagle Boys, Pete, Butch the Bulldog
Likes Knitting, working on her farm, her family, cooking
Dislikes Her farmhand being lazy, Jaq and Gus causing trouble
Powers and abilities

Grandma Duck (full name given as Elvira Coot) is the grandmother of Donald Duck and Gladstone Gander, as well as the Duck family matriarch. In most stories, she is simply referred to as Grandma.


Grandma by Barks

Grandma and Gus in Donald's Grandma Duck (1950).

Grandma Duck was introduced to the Disney comics by Al Taliaferro in the newspaper comic strips. She made her very first appearance in 1940, as a portrait in Donald's house, where the latter hides his money from burglars. In 1943, Grandma Duck visits Donald and the nephews in a series of newspaper strips, and became an occasionally recurring character in the strips. Taliaferro found inspiration for her in his own mother-in-law, Donnie M. Wheaton. Grandma also got an increasingly more prominent role in other Disney comics, where she could be seen living on her farm with her great-nephew Gus Goose as her farmhand. However, Gus is very lazy and does not work much. In some stories, especially older ones, Grandma Duck also gets help from Jaq and Gus, the two mice from Cinderella.


Grandma is Grandpa Duck's wife and the mother of Quackmore Duck (Donald Duck's father), Daphne Duck (Gladstone Gander's mother) and Eider Duck (Fethry Duck's father). According to Don Rosa, Grandma and her husband used to be nicknamed "Ma and Pa Duck". When Grandma's granddaughter Della Duck left her children, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, with her brother Donald, Grandma helped Donald to raise them. She shares the credit with the Junior Woodchucks for the trio evolving from little hellions to model children.

Grandma's farm is the center of the Duck family's annual holiday gatherings, with said gatherings usually arranged by her. These are always merry and warm and interesting occasions. Grandma Duck is a great cook, and is often praised for her cooking skills.

She is depicted as driving a Detroit Electric automobile. She is often shown to be very old-fashioned, refuses to acquire any modern gadgetry, and only watches weather programs on the TV.


Grandma's first name 'Elviry' (a rural pronounciation of 'Elvira') was given in an untitled 1950 comic, and later used by Don Rosa in his Duck Family Tree and his comic The Invader of Fort Duckburg. In an untitled 1953 comic by Frank McSavage and Carl Fallberg, Grandma's first name was said to be 'Abigail'.

In older European stories (including Marco Rota's From Egg to Duck), Grandma is sometimes shown as Scrooge McDuck's older sister, but this tradition is no longer alive. Occasionally they have also been portrayed as being cousins, another now rarely enforced tradition. According to the Duck family tree Carl Barks drew for personal use in the 1950s, Scrooge is the brother of Elvira's daughter-in-law [1]. For this relationship there is no word in the English language.

Grandma Duck's parents made a brief appearance in Grandma's flashback in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 161 (1954). In Don Rosa's 1993 Duck Family Tree, her parents' names are given as Clinton Coot and Gertrude Gadwall, while her grandfather was said to be Cornelius Coot. She was also given a brother called Casey Coot on this tree.

Appearances in animation


Grandma Duck in her first animated appearance, "This is Your Life, Donald Duck".

Grandma made her animated debut in the 1960 Wonderful World of Color episode "This is Your Life, Donald Duck", where she was voiced by June Foray. The episode depicted her great difficulty in raising Donald, a strong-willed and ill-tempered duckling from the moment he was hatched. She also made a non-speaking cameo as a guest at Fezzwig's party in Mickey's Christmas Carol (1983) and a speaking cameo in Sport Goofy in Soccermania (1987), reading the newspaper in her rocking chair.

Disney Parks

Grandma Duck's farm was the inspiration for a children's petting farm as part of Mickey's Starland at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, where Minnie Moo, a cow with a Mickey Mouse-shaped marking, was featured. Grandma also joined Donald at Donald's 50th Birthday Parade in 1984, one of Grandma's rare Disney Park appearances.


  • In Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse in Vacationland (1961), Grandma says: "I outgrew slingshots 80 years ago", meaning that she must be older than 80.



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