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The Grand Mogul (full name revealed as Philodemus Gentlefogg[1] and Bertie McGoose[2]) is the most frequently seen adult chief of the Junior Woodchucks. Despite other chiefs being depicted as dogfaces, the Grand Mogul has a bill. A running gag about the character is that "Mogul" (or another one of his titles) is an acronym with a different meaning each time.


The Grand Mogul's flashback in Surprise Party (1968).

Tony Strobl's 1968 Disney comic Surprise Party contains a flashback showing that the Grand Mogul used to be a Junior Woodchuck himself when he was younger.


  • In the Junior Woodchucks comic Let Sleeping Bones Lie (written by Carl Barks), the Grand Mogul is fully named Philodemus Gentlefogg.
  • While it is likely that the Grand Mogul is a Goose (due to his full name being specified as Bertie McGoose in Italian Disney comics), it is unkown to which species he belongs.
    • In the classic Disney comic The Hound of the Whiskervilles (first published in 1960), Scrooge briefly refers to a group of clansmen as members of the "Clan McGoose".


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