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Gramma Tala is a character in the upcoming 2016 animated feature film, Moana.


Tala is Moana's grandmother. Like her granddaughter, she has a love for sea exploration, having come from an ancestry of South Pacific navigators. Described as the "village crazy lady", Tala has a special connection to the sea and the legends passed throughout South Pacific generations. She shares this connection with Moana, and a relationship closer than her parents in some ways.

Tala is said to be the "keeper of the ancient stories", having deep knowledge and understanding of her heritage and culture. She is also aware of the growing darkness that threatens her people, and looks to Moana to someday utilize her wayfinding talents to liberate the world.[1][2]

Official description

Moana’s confidante and best friend, who shares her granddaughter’s special connection to the ocean. Although her son Tui, the chief of Motunui, is a no-nonsense leader, Gramma Tala most definitely dances to the beat of her own drum.[3]



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