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"Graduation on Deck" is the twenty-second and final episode of the third and final season of The Suite Life on Deck and the seventy-first and final episode overall.


In the lead up to graduation, Mr. Moseby announces that London's dad, Mr. Tipton is selling the ship and that it will be dismantled within a week. London starts receiving private Spanish tuition by Mrs Tutweiller in order to pass it to obtain her high school diploma. Maya, who learns she is accepted by the Peace Corps, breaks up with Zack because she does not believe a long distance relationship will work, upsetting Zack and compelling Zack to refuse attending the graduation. Cody also initially refuses to attend the graduation ceremony because he is rejected by Yale University while Bailey gets accepted by Yale. Carey and Kurt arrive on the ship and attempt consoling their children, Carey successfully consoles Cody while Kurt successfully consoles Zack therefore the twins agree to attend the graduation ceremony. London successfully passes Spanish, due to Mrs Tutweiller's private tuition, hence attends the graduation ceremony. When graduation is disrupted by the destruction of the ship, Mr. Moseby calls Mr. Tipton to stall the destruction of the ship. He informs him that London, passed Spanish by learning in a Helen Keller like fashion, will be graduating as well. However Mr.Tipton refuses to have the graduation. Eventually, Moseby chooses to go against Mr. Tipton and proceeds with the graduation, leading to a friendly moment with Zack. After graduation, Woody and Addison come out with yearbooks and the group shares their final moments together. Bailey decides to go to Yale. London admits that she will miss Bailey and Mr. Moseby. Mr. Moseby announces he is ready for a new stage in his life and proposes to Miss Tutweiller. He then tells the boys that he will miss them as well. Zack and Cody then exit the ship for the last time.

Guest stars

  • Matthew Timmons as Woody Fink, Erin Cardillo as Emma Tutweiller, Zoey Deutch as Maya, Rachael Kathryn Bell as Addison, Robert Torti as Kurt Martin, Brian Stepanek as Arwin Hawkhauser, Lisa K. Wyatt as Frankie

Special guest star

  • Kim Rhodes as Carey Martin


  • This is a special 40-minute episode, the series finale of the show and the last episode of the Suite Life series.

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