Goth Squid is a member of the Goth Fish group on the show Fish Hooks. He is the only unnamed Goth Fish in the group so far.


"Underwater Boy" (First appearance) (Non-speaking cameo) "Queen Bea" (Non-speaking cameo) "Funny Fish" (Non-speaking cameo) "Baldwin the Super Fish" (Non-speaking cameo) "Milo Gets a Ninja" (Non-speaking cameo) "Dropsy!" (Non-speaking cameo) "The Dark Side Of The Fish" (Non-speaking cameo) "Riding in Cars with Fish" ( Non speaking-cameo)


  • In Underwater Boy, He watches the football team in the hallway.
  • In Queen Bea, He is seen at the Freshwater High Dance.
  • In Funny Fish, He is seen in the hallway with the Goth Fish when Oscar walks by, And he also watches Jocktopus beating up Oscar.
  • In Baldwin the Super Fish, He is seen in Mr. Baldwin's classroom.
  • In Milo Gets a Ninja, He is put in a bowl by Milo.
  • In Dropsy!, He is seen in Mr. Baldwin's classroom where Albert gets the dropsy.
  • In The Dark Side Of The Fish, He first comes out of the dark shadow with the Goth Fish, He then is seen in the hallway, and he attends the Poetry Meeting and he's lastly seen at the ceremony / ritual.
  • In Riding in Cars with Fish, He is seen with the Goth Fish on the sidewalk.