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Gordy is a 1995 American feature film about a piglet who searches for his missing family (who are taken away to a slaughterhouse in Omaha, Nebraska). The piglet, named Gordy, experiences the lives of others which are part of the film's side plots, including travelling country singers Luke McAllister and his daughter, Jinnie Sue, and lonely boy Hanky Royce whose mother, Jessica, is engaged to a sinister businessman, Gilbert Sipes. Gordy changes lives for the people he encounters due to their ability to understand him. The film was released to theatres on May 12, 1995. It was distributed by Miramax Family Films.

The film was originally conceived in the early 1970s by Green Acres creator Jay Sommers and writer Dick Chevillat as a vehicle for Arnold Ziffel. Both are given writing credit for it, although Sommers had died some ten years before its release.

The film was shot in Atlanta, Georgia.

The film featured the song "Pig Power" by Tag Team. A music video was produced for it, featuring clips from the film.


A young spunky piglet, named Gordy (Justin Garms), lives on Meadow Brook Farm somewhere in Arkansas. After his father is taken up North to an undetermined fate (in Gordy's point of view anyway), the piglet learns from Richard, the farm's rooster, that his mother and siblings were taken while he pursued his father. Determined to locate his family and return to the farm, Gordy heads out alone to find them. He eventually ends up in the care of Jinnie Sue McAllister (Kristy Young), a young upbeat country singer who lives in a camper van with her also country singer father, Luke (Doug Stone), and their manager, Cousin Jake (Tom Lester). Jinnie Sue, not knowing Gordy's name, calls him Pinky.

They travel to a dinner party where Luke performs for the governor of Arkansas. Also there is rich businessman Henry Royce (Ted Manson), his daughter, Jessica (Deborah Hobart), her rather dull but scheming fiancé, Gilbert Sipes (James Donadio), and lonely young son, Hanky. Hanky wanders off on his own and meets Gordy and Jinnie Sue. Hanky falls into a swimming pool, but cannot swim. Jinnie Sue rushes off to get help, but Gordy dives into the pool with an inflatable and saves Hanky. Grateful, Hanky is given Gordy as a pet. Gordy's bravery also makes him suddenly famous.

Henry and Gilbert have alternate decisions on who the new mascot of the Royce company should be: Gordy or Jessica. In the end, Gordy wins, due to a switched camera lens used on Jessica's promotion. Gilbert is determined to remove Gordy and then take control of the company. He sends his two henchmen, Dietz and Krugman, to kidnap Gordy, but Gordy and Hanky escape on board a school bus, which the two men pursue. On the way, they are distracted briefly by a cross-dressing thief, and discover that Gordy and Hanky have escaped onto a feed truck. They unexpectedly meet up with the McAllisters, who learn from the radio that Hanky has apparently runaway. Another bulletin follows, revealing Henry has died of a heart attack. The MacAllisters return Hanky and Gordy to the Royce building in St. Louis, Missouri where an attorney reveals Henry has left his company to Hanky and Gordy.

Cousin Jake, upon learning Gordy's family is missing, organizes a giant country-wide search to locate them and also a country music concert in Branson, Missouri in Gordy's name. A host of country singers perform, as well as a surprise speech from President Bill Clinton (just an impersonator) who unveils a new stamp of Gordy. Gilbert sends his henchmen to kill Gordy but he is saved by Cousin Jake. Jake returns Gordy to Hanky and Jinnie Sue. Everyone learns from someone who calls into the telethon where Gordy's parents are going to be slaughtered at an unidentified slaughterhouse in Nebraska. Gilbert tries to hide the fact that it is owned by the Royce family. However, a battle happens between him and Luke, Jessica and Luke knocking him out with the suitcase of Brinks, the family attorney. Gordy, Hanky, Jinnie Sue, Jessica, Luke, Cousin Jake, and Brinks race to stop the slaughterhouse from killing Gordy's parents but a train slows them down. Hanky successfully rings the lovestruck supervisor and the slaughterhouse is shut down just in time. To Gordy's happiness his family has survived and he is reunited with his father who was also about to be killed at the slaughterhouse. They are moved back to the farm, which Luke and Jessica decide to buy with most of the Royce Company profits. They marry and Hanky, Jinnie Sue, and Cousin Jake move in too. Gordy has a happy ending, his family together again with new members.


  • Doug Stone as Luke McAllister: A country singer, and the father of Jinnie Sue.
  • Kristy Young as Jinnie Sue McAllister: The daughter of Luke, also a country singer.
  • Tom Lester as Cousin Jake: Luke's cousin and the manager of his group.
  • Deborah Hobart as Jessica Royce: The daughter of Henry Royce, mother of Hanky, and fiance of Gilbert.
  • Michael Roescher as Hanky Royce: The lonely but friendly son of Jessica. He becomes a good friend to Gordy.
  • James Donadio as Gilbert Sipes: The fiance of Jessica and main antagonist. He is a rather selfish and scheming man who is looking to take over the Royce company.
  • Ted Manson as Henry Royce: The elderly executive of the Royce company, father of Jessica, and grandfather of Hanky. He dies of a heart attack part-way through the film.
  • Tom Key as Brinks: The comical friendly attorney of the Royce family and Gilbert. He usually follows the advice of his conscience.
  • Jon Kohler and Afemo Omilami as Dietz and Krugman: Gilbert's incompetent henchmen.


  • Justin Garms as Gordy: A young piglet who sets out from his home to find his missing family.
  • Hamilton Camp as Gordy's Father: An adult pig who was taken up north to be slaughtered, and as Richard the Rooster.
  • Jocelyn Blue as Gordy's Mother: She and her children are also taken for slaughter.
  • Frank Welker as Narrator
  • Tress MacNeille as Wendy
  • Earl Boen as Minnesota Red
  • Frank Soronow as Dorothy the Cow
  • Billy Bodine as Piglet
  • Blake McIver Ewing as Piglet
  • Julianna Harris as Piglet
  • Sabrina Weiner as Piglet
  • Heather Bahler as Piglet
  • Jim Meskimen as the voice of Bill Clinton


Along with overwhelmingly negative reviews, the film was eclipsed by Babe, which was another film featuring a young talking pig. Rotten Tomatoes rated it with a 17% based on six reviews. Both premiered in the same year. Although Gordy was released first, it was not very successful, while Babe was a box office hit, won several awards (including an Academy Award for Visual Effects), and spawned a sequel.

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