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Goosey Loosey is the secondary antagonist in the film Chicken Little. She though doesn't really speak, she just quacks, honks and squawks.



Goosey Loosey isn't a real villain because she doesn't have evil intentions, but she's bullying unpopular kids such as Chicken Little and his friends with her best friend, Foxy Loxy. Goosey Loosey was in the same baseball team as Chicken Little, and after Chicken Little won the baseball match, Goosey Loosey isn't seen bullying him anymore.

Physical appearance

Goosey Loosey is a white goose with a long neck and a beak. She wears a red dress, and she's got some red bowties in her hair. She's wears some make-up on her eyes. Despite the fact she's a goose, she has fingers instead of feathers on her hands.


Chicken Little

Goosey Loosey is first seen on the school bus while she's giving acorns to her best friend Foxy Loxy to pour them in Chicken Little's path. After that, she's seen in her school in gym class. Goosey Loosey was in the popular team with touch ball. When Chicken Little was protecting Abby Mallard, Foxy Loxy snaps her fingers, and Goosey Loosey throws Chicken Little against the window. Chicken Little's friends try to save him, but Goosey blocks the way and chases them away. Later, Goosey Loosey is seen in the baseball match. She was in the same team as Chicken Little and after their team won she was exalting Chicken Little. She was then seen in the cinema watching Chicken Little's movie while she was sitting behind Runt. The last time she was seen was when she was dancing in the credits.


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