Goon is a sentient, Mega-morphed Goon Doc Ghoul who belongs to "himself", and was the main villain in Slugterra: Ghoul Form Beyond and Slugterra: Return of the Elementals.


Nothing about "The Goon's" past has been revealed, like how he became a ghoul, but he does mention that he has conquered many "Caverns" (Slug Worlds). He believes the caverns rightfully belong to slugs, and humans are like a virus that must be wiped out. Before the Shane Gang encountered him, he took control of Junjie in the Eastern Caverns. After enslaving the people of the Eastern Caverns with Junjie as his host slinger, he had a Terraportal Drill built to reach the Shanes' caverns. He sensed ghouls in the other caverns, and sought to know who else but he had the power to make them (The ghouls were the ones created by Dr. Blakk. After being defeated by Eli Shane (But not without temporarily taking control of Eli), he took control of Will Shane, allied himself with Dr. Blakk, and convinced the Darkbane to serve him. After failing to destroy the 99 Caverns by corrupting the Elementals, he took control of Dr. Blakk. After temporarily losing control of Blakk, the two agree to finish things, pulling Will Shane with them into a vortex. The Goon, Will, and Blakk have not been seen since.


The Goon possesses an extraordinary intelligence, as he has gained knowledge from his various hosts. He has a strong grasp on tactics, capable of coordinating massive attacks and effective traps. He also appears to be very wise regarding the Darkbane, slug energy, and the magic of the caverns.



  • Possession
  • Mind-reading

Veloci-morph and Mega-morph:

  • Lethal, incurable poisoning
  • Possession
  • Transformation of oncoming slugs into ghouls