Goofy's mother as she appeared in How to Be Groovy, Cool and Fly.

Goofy's Mother is an obese, anthropomorphic dog, who made her first animated appearance in the Mickey Mouse Works cartoon How to Be Groovy, Cool and Fly. She's the mother of Goofy and the grandmother of Max, and has a voice that is very similar to her son's. They also share the catchphrase "Ah-hyuck!". She has large feet with dark purple shoes and wears a light purple dress, a dark purple vest and a white apron.

In the Mickey Mouse comic Island in the Sky, Goofy briefly mentions his parents when he waves goodbye to his loved ones. However, both characters remained unseen.

Goofy's mother was possibly mentoined in Fathers Are People. In the cartoon, Goofy's wife can be heard saying: "Today's the day baby visits grandma!", although it's uncertain whether she is talking about Goofy's mother or her own.

She made her first printed appearance in the Disney's Wonderful World of Reading storybook The Princess Who Never Laughed.

In a 1970s-80s Disney comic book series in which Goofy played the role of some of the most famous historical characters (such as Christopher Columbus and Leonardo Da Vinci), Goofy's character was often accompanied by his parents, who disapproved his scientific ideas. In contrast to her animated version, Goofy's mother appeared to be long and slender in these comics. Her most notable appearance was in Goofy Franklin, in which she had the role of Abiah Folger, Benjamin Franklin's mother.



  • In the Mickey Mouse episode "Wonders of the Deep", when the gang sees a dogfish (resembling an actual dog) from their submarine, Goofy looks at it and says "Momma?".