Goofy's Glue is a 1998 Mickey Mouse story.


Mickey believes Goofy's house is burning when he sees smoke coming from it, but actually Goofy is cooking his new invention; a super-glue made of old tires, quaker, brine and other stuff. The glue is so strong that Mickey asks Goofy to cook more to sell it.

Later, Mickey and Goofy leave the home with a pot of Goofy's Glue to sell. A neighbor is out of concrete to build his chimney, so Mickey applies Goofy's Glue to a brick and it remains on its place, and they give him a free sample to finish his chimney. The other neighbor is out of nails to build a wooden wall, so Mickey applies Goofy's Glue to the planks and they also remain on place, and this neighbor also gets a free sample. Mickey reasons both neighbors will talk with people who will buy more of Goofy's glue and Goofy will be rich.

Mickey tries to have Goofy make more glue, but Goofy is sad as he does his experiments for fun, not for profit, and then Mickey makes the glue himself. Suddenly, Mickey and Goofy hear a crash; it's the chimney neighbor, whose chimney fell on him after he finished it. When they hear a crash from the other neighbor's wall, Mickey just goes to buy concrete and nails.

Later, Mickey returns to Goofy's home after repairing the chimney and the wall, and reasons the glue lost its strength after drying. Goofy gives Mickey one of his quaker and brine cookies, and Mickey's mouth gets stuck. Goofy notices the effect will wear off just like with the glue, but Mickey writes he isn't worried for his mouth but instead angry at himself for not having eaten them before to keep the mouth shut and spare himself the whole story.


  • The chimney neighbor looks like an adult version of the bricklayer of the Three Little Pigs. It may be just a coincidence, with both being pigs and wearing the typical clothes to work with bricks.