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Goofy's Glider is a Goofy short that was released on November 22, 1940. It is the first of the "How To" series of Goofy shorts.


The Goofy How-to series was initially developed as a way to produce Goofy cartoons after Goofy's voice actor, Pinto Colvig, temporarily left the studio during a dispute. The series features little dialogue from Goofy, most was pre-recorded or imitated using another actor.


Goofy is seen attempting to fly using a homemade glider, and the assistance of a book. A narrator provides the instructions while Goofy attempts to carry them out. Goofy first attempts to take off by running quickly, but crashes into his gate. Looking for more speed, Goofy attempts to tow the glider. However, the glider quickly loses altitude when Goofy tries to climb into it.

Taking the book's advice, Goofy resorts to mechanical means of taking off. A bicycle seems promising, but the glider comes off and leaves Goofy behind. Goofy then attempts to skate down a ramp, but ends up flying upside down. A makeshift slingshot appears successful, until Goofy realizes that most of the glider body was left behind, leaving Goofy with only a chair and a steering column. Luckily, Goofy is wearing a parachute, and bails out. However, he counts so slowly, that he hits the ground (unharmed), before the chute opens.

Resorting to his own methods, Goofy loads a cannon with numerous forms of explosives. Goofy barely manages to get in the glider before the cannon goes off. Luckily, this attempt is successful; so successful that Goofy is seemingly in orbit around the Earth.


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