Goofy's Fun House is a video game released for the PlayStation in 2001.


Goofy must make his way through 20 different environments each a part of the gigantic funhouse that comprises the game. Goofy's funhouse is packed with puzzles and challenges for younger gamers to crack wide open. Once Goofy makes it through a few levels, he will begin to unlock other Disney characters that will help him through subsequent stages of play. There's mini-games that range from golf and fishing to skiing and diving (based on How to play...) . After Goofy completes each mini-game, it will unlock some cartoons like: How to Play Golf and others.


  • If you play the cartoon The Big Wash (1948) after completing the game, it will keep repeating the scene when Dolores looks in Goofy's hat to see if there's any peanuts.

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