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Goofy's Freeway Troubles is an educational short released on September 22, 1965 and was the last cartoon in Goofy's starring series until 2007's How to Hook Up Your Home Theater. It can be considered a sequel of sorts to Freewayphobia, which has a similar focus on freeway safety.


Goofy's Freeway Troubles was originally known as Freewayphobia No. 2, a reference to its sequel status, before a name change in production. Like its predecessor, it was released in theaters in 1965 and would later be distributed to various organizations by Disney's educational division, often alongside Freewayphobia.


In Goofy's Freeway Troubles, a narrator describes various rules of freeway safety, referring back to the three driver types previously named in Freewayphobia.

The narrator then introduces a new driver type, Stupidicus Ultimas--a driver who is nice enough, but is a menace because he never takes care of things. Stupidicus, portrayed by Goofy, is shown to neglect maintanence on his car, often resulting in expensive breakdowns on the freeway, where demands on the car are higher. Stupidicus is also shown to take such actions as improperly loading his car, which causes the objects to become dangerous projectiles during crashes, and failing to account for potential emergencies, such as purchasing only the fuel that he needs for immediate use. Later, Stupidicus demonstrates the dangers of highway hypnosis and alcohol.

The narration then shifts to safe driving habits that the viewer can form, including examples of checklists a driver can use, such as making sure the car is safe, ensuring that the driver is well rested and knowing where to go. The narrator also describes the proper use of reflectors and flares should a breakdown occur. The narrator concludes the short by encouraging the viewers to use common sense when driving.


  • This cartoon is Pinto Colvig's final performance as the voice of Goofy. Colvig would pass away in 1967.
  • The scene with a sidecar covered with a haystack was later seen in The Aristocats  as a "one-wheeled haystack."
  • Like its predecessor, this short is narrated by Paul Frees.


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