"Goofy's First Love" is the thirty-first episode of Mickey Mouse.


Mickey and Donald try to help a hapless Goofy woo the love of his life; a waitress he saw in the diner. They do everything they can to give Goofy an extreme makeover, but all of their attempts comically backfire. Goofy then tells them they showed him that he should just be himself and not who others want him to be. He goes over to the waitress to delcare his true feelings, but as the waitress is about to kiss him, he reveals that he was in love with the sandwich she was holding, which weirds out Mickey and Donald. Goofy and the sandwich get married and then Goofy eats it in one bite. 


Voice Cast


  • This was the first short to be aired in 2015.
  • This is Scrooge's first appearance in the series.