"Goofy's Cavalcade of Sports" is an episode of Disneyland. It aired on October 17, 1956.


That inimitable "Everydog" Goofy appears in several guises in this Disneyland compilation of theatrical cartoons. It is explained at the outset that the concept of athletic training was born of necessity, to prepare Early Man to hunt for food and fight wars. It was the Greeks who organized sports into games with the original Olympics, and this tradition persists thousands of years later. Of course, with Goofy participating in such strenuous enterprises as horse racing, baseball and hockey, the "educational" aspect of this episode takes second place to its laugh content. Portions of Goofy's Cavalcade of Sports were later excerpted in the 1972 theatrical release Superstar Goofy. Goofy scans a scrapbook of his escapades in boxing, swimming, golfing, baseball and other sports. Goofy attempts to correctly show us the dynamics of a series of different sporting games and events.

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