Goofy's Big Race is Volume 4 of the Walt Disney Fun-to-Read Library. It is a modern adaptation of the story of the Tortoise and the Hare, with Goofy in the role of the tortoise and Donald Duck as the hare.


Goofy is out driving his old car, which he calls Bessie, when Donald drives by in his new convertible car, boasting about how he thinks it is better than Goofy's car. Donald challenges Goofy to a race to the ice-cream shop at Horner's Corners. Donald thinks he has the advantage because his car can go faster. But on his way to Horner's Corners, Donald makes repeated stops, thinking there is no chance that Goofy will catch up to him. He first brings his car to a car wash, but when the roof will not go up, Donald ends up getting washed as well, and has to stop off at his house to dry off. When he gets back on the road, he drives so fast that he is stopped by a policeman who gives him a speeding ticket. He stops to go skateboarding with his nephews, and then stops again to watch a baseball game and even tries (and fails) to help the losing team. Afterward, he stops to get himself a soda, and then goes to a cafe for lunch. After driving some more, Donald then sits under a tree and takes a nap. Throughout all this, Goofy keeps his mind on driving all the way to Horner's Corners, without stopping for anything. When Donald finally reaches Horner's Corners, he is surprised to find that Goofy is already at the ice-cream shop, proving that slow and steady wins the race.