"Goodnight, Dennis" is a song from "A Whale of a Song", an installment of the Playhouse Disney series Stanley. Following a day's study of whales, Stanley sings the song to his fish, Dennis, as a lullaby, which a brief interruption from his mother telling him that it's time for bed. The song is track 24 on the album Playhouse Disney 2.


Goodnight, Dennis
Goodnight, Dennis

You're the best fish
I must say
We wouldn't want you any other way

Mrs. Griff:
Hey, you, settle down in there
It's time for bed

Stanley: (softer)
You're a fish, you're not a whale
But you're the best from head to tail
Goodnight, Dennis
Goodnight, Dennis

Goodnight, my super-singing whale of a pal.

(instrumental of whalesong)