Good Luck Bath is a 1953 Uncle Scrooge comic story.


Moths are eating Scrooge McDuck's money, so he decides to take one of the good luck baths offered by Gladstone Gander. When Scrooge returns, it seems the bath worked as the moths aren't eating his money, but then he finds they are eating his expensive suits.

When Gladstone sees an angry Scrooge going to his home, he throws some bills so Scrooge believes he has found them by good luck. Scrooge returns to his own home, sure that the moths have gone. They have gone... with the suits.

Scrooge goes with Gladstone and calls his baths a gyp, but Gladstone convinces him that not taking the bath could have been worse, like being robbed by the Beagle Boys. Scrooge concedes the point and before leaving, Gladstone offers to sell him a rabbit paw for luck in exchange for his car, but Scrooge refuses. However, when Scrooge returns home, he finds the Beagle Boys have taken his money, and goes desperate to Gladstone's house to get the rabbit paw.

After the exchange, Gladstone gets a series of unlucky happenings, and finds the paw he sold was his amulet for the year and he didn't know. Meanwhile, Scrooge gets good luck by leading the police to the Beagle Boys by mere instinct, and then finds the moths at his home knitting him a new suit.

Gladstone returns with the now wrecked car and asks the paw back, but Scrooge refuses. Instead, he offers Gladstone a lucky bath.