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Good Little Witch
Originally performed by
Composer John Kavanaugh
Lyrics Erica Rothschild and John Kavanaugh
Performer(s) Ariel Winter and Merit Leighton
Shows Sofia the First
Video games
Albums Sofia the First: Songs from Enchancia
Preceded by Picnic of the Year
Followed by The Ride of Your Lives
Sofia the First - Good Little Witch02:40

Sofia the First - Good Little Witch

"Good Little Witch" is a song performed in the Sofia the First episode "The Little Witch".

Sung by Lucinda & Sofia along with the village kids, It encourages Lucinda to make up for her mistakes by undoing all her hexes and becomes friends with the kids in the village.


First Part

Sofia: Friendships don't mix
With hexes and tricks
And that's why the kids turn and run
So if I were you
Here's what I do
I fix all the bad things I've done

Cause you wanna be
A good little witch
They'll give you a chance
If you make a switch
You'll make lots of friends
Without any hitch
If you could be a good...little Witch

Second Part

Lucinda: Yes I turned your clogs into frogs
And yes I changed your flute to a newt
But now I'd like to show that I'm sorry
Though they're kind of cute

Still I'll turn them all back now
Yes every spell I'll undo.
You'll see I'm not gonna stop
until they're good as new

Cause I wanna be a good little witch
Give me a chance and I'll make the switch

Sofia: Just give her a chance and she'll make switch
She wants to be a good little witch

Girl 1: I don't believe it!
Boy 1: Ya, she's always hexing us!

Boy 2: Look this was my favorite toy ball
She hexed, now it's just a toy brick
Girl 1:My cat used to pur like a kitten
Now she cluck, cluck, clucks like a chicken
Ruby: I had a box full of crayons
Now this blob is all that I've got
Girl 2: And yes my little basset hound's cute
But my matching tail is not

Lucinda: But I wanna be a good little witch
Sofia: Give her a chance and she'll make a switch
Kids: If we give her a chance
This new little witch
How do we know that she's gonna switch

Lucinda: You'll see I'm gonna undo it all.
Girl 2: Yeah? When?
Lucinda: Right now. Who's next?
Girl 1: Me! Thank you.
Kids: My turn! No me!
Lucinda: Don't worry I'm gonna fix everyone!

Sofia: So what do ya say? Will you give her another chance?
Ruby: Yes, I forgive you Lucinda.

Kids: She's gonna be a good little witch
Lucinda: You're gonna see I'm making the switch
Kids: Yes we believe you're making a switch
You're gonna be a good little witch.

Sofia: You've had a change of heart
Lucinda: And I'm making a brand new start

Kids: From now're a good...little witch


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